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The Churchill School General Election 7th May 2015

Our current School Councillors have done an amazing job, but the biggest and most important task is yet to come!


To coincide with the, far less interesting, National Election our councillors will work as polling officers in The Churchill Election. So far they have drawn up lists of pupils from each class who want to stand. Next week they will be organising the speeches and on the big day they will make sure that every vote is counted before becoming the returning officers in the praise assembly on Friday 8th.


We are so luck to live in a democracy where every can have a say in the way we do things. It is one of our prime British values. Similarly we believe pupil voice is central to our school ethos. In our annual survey of pupil perceptions, for the third year running, the number of pupils who believe that they “have a say in the way things are run at school” has been well above the national average.