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School Improvement Plan


The School Improvement Plan is a document which guides the direction of change within the school during an academic year and sometimes beyond. It is essential to make sure that the school is moving forwards as one towards an agreed end-point.


While many things will happen over the course of an academic year the School Improvement Plan aims to tie all this together to achieve a greater goal - our key priorities.


This document informs the most resent self evalutaion and is informed by staff, children and the views of parents. Below is a flavour of what the school is working on this year.


Academic Year 2022/23 - Key Priorities


We want to further improve the resources children have access to in each lesson. This ranges from, interative presentations to physical props to aid learning. We believe that this is a cornerstone of successful teaching and if it is done perfectly, we will all benefit!


We also want to improve the way we help children retain the vast aounts of knowledge the new curriculum contains. There has never been so much information within a curriculum and we want to make sure our children are able to hold onto it and recall it when needed!


We look forward to going on this journey together!