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Our Curriculum


The Churchill School curriculum specifically meets the needs of our children.

By engaging with parents, listening to pupils and collaborating with staff, we have designed an inclusive and balanced curriculum. We want our children to go on an exciting journey, where they will be engaged with their learning from their very first day and leave the school with the skills, qualities, knowledge and personality to succeed and flourish during the next stage of their development.



Our curriculum metaphor is a living learner. We like to imagine that our curriculum is a living breathing person built up using layers and layers of important structures. 


The National Curriculum is the bones of our living learner.  It fundamentally guides our direction and informs our assessment.

Cornerstones ‘Curriculum 22’ is the body of our learner. It gives substance to our offer by providing exciting learning opportunities, which have been expertly sequenced to progress children effectively.

We constantly reflect on the interests, desires and barriers of our parents, children and staff. This enables us to constantly adapt and inject a bespoke individuality to the Cornerstones Curriculum. These reflections are continuously visible throughout the school and represent the soul of our learner.

At the heart of our school, we have our core values, which guide us morally, spiritually and socially; they create a culture of teamwork within the school. #teamchurchill

Our phenomenal team of staff are undoubtedly the brain. They nuture our metaphoricle 'learner' to create an experience that has our children smiling and excited to come to school.


Memorable Experiences

Our children are exposed to a wealth of learning experiences outside the school gates. We deepen their understanding and bring an abstract curriculum to life. Regular trips accompany every topic, made possible by our fantastic minibusses!


Pathways Through Life

In each stage of a child’s journey we aim to look to the past for examples of inspiring examples of success as well as forwards to what children can achieve next. By exposing children to the best the world has to offer, alongside exploring the people and opportunities within and beyond their community, we hope to inspire our children to have real goals and demonstrate a desire to achieve them.


Mental Fitness and Wellbeing

At The Churchill School, the wellbeing of our community is paramount. Our staff work tirelessly to remove obstacles and barriers to learning. The development of social skills is key and helps pupils to lead mentally, physically and emotionally healthy lives.



Our curriculum provides the opportunity to understand the wider implications of how we behave. It ranges from self reflection to respecting our fragile planet. We look to build ‘Cultural Capital’ within our children and teach them the significance of living with values.



  • Pupils thrive across the breadth of the National Curriculum, developing and progressing their skills and knowledge.
  • Pupils engage, in and out of school, with an exciting range of opportunities, which enhance their cultural capital.
  • Happy pupils with high aspirations.
  • All year groups reach their progress milestones.
  • Children are excited to come to school.
  • Children attend a trip for every topic.
  • Parents feel part of #teamchurchill and report that their children enjoy their learning.
  • High standard of work.
  • Lessons meet the needs of all pupils
  • Pupils embody respect and tolerance and have a voice.


Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please read our sequence of learning documents, talk to your child's teacher or book an appointment to speak with a member of the school leadership team.