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Primary Science aims to encourage children’s natural curiosity about the world in which they live. It should encourage them to apply scientific method to problem-solving and equip them to ask questions, and find out the answers for themselves.


At The Churchill School we are trying to develop in all pupils:

• natural curiosity about the world around them

• interest in and enjoyment of Science

• ability to apply scientific method to problem-solving

• ability to formulate a question to investigate

• ability to plan an investigation

• ability to conduct an investigation using scientific principles

• ability to record and analyse their results

• ability to think for themselves and reach their own conclusions

• understanding of the need for correct scientific terminology

• ability to acquire a body of knowledge on which to base their learning


We teach Science in cross-curricular Topics, covering Scientific Investigation and the requirements of the National Curriculum Programmes of Study:

• Life and Living Processes

• Materials and their Properties

• Physical Processes


Primary Science should further an interest in the subject as well as developing children’s understanding about how and why things happen. Above all, it should be fun.