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Religious Education

At The Churchill School we provide a balanced Religious Education curriculum which follows the Kent Agreed Syllabus

The children study a range of religions, giving them an insight into the traditions and beliefs  of people living in a multi-cultural society. Our children are encouraged to reflect on and respond to their own experiences and those of others.


Areas of Study


The children investigate Christianity and also learn about Hinduism and Judaism. They are taught about the beliefs people hold about God, the natural world and human beings.

Children also look at where and how people belong to groups and why a feeling of belonging is important. They learn about stories and books and why people think of them as sacred or important and they learn about religious celebrations. The children will begin to look at religious symbols and learn why they are used.


The children continue to learn about Christianity in detail and also learn about Judaism and Islam. In Year 6, children also begin to learn about Sikhism. Children explore the key beliefs people hold about God and the world and look at some people who have inspired religious believers. They learn about sacred texts and places of worship and pilgrimage. The children also learn about how families practise their faith and the impact of belief on people’s lives.


Experiences and opportunities

In Religious Education, children are given the chance to communicate their learning in a variety of ways such as art and drama. They explore stories and experiences through drama and role play. The Churchill School has strong links with St. Peter’s church in Hawkinge. We are always keen to broaden our links with the wider community.