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Art for everyone!


Art is a foundation subject which is accessible and enjoyable for all ages. Children can express and communicate their understanding through Art and for that reason it can be a used in all subjects. Our children enjoy a range of cross curricular activities and Art is widely used when learning about different cultures, religions, countries and events from the past. The children have also used Art to celebrate and commemorate events with a piece of Artwork which can bring great pride and treasured memories for many years to come!

Inspiration through experience!

Inspiration can be found all around us in the environment and using our senses we see, touch and move within it. We engage with new experiences, helping us to understand and be able to express this through Art. The trip to Kings Wood in October 2012 gave all the children a chance to explore the natural environment using the materials to produce some fascinating ideas and stretched the children’s understanding of Art, bringing the outdoors in, including some bugs!

Art opportunities!

Our children are provided with opportunities to express their ideas and imagination through many different media. They create 3d sculptures, use cameras and laptops and have a wide range of materials to help develop their skills and techniques throughout the school. The value of the parents support in the children’s creative homework is great. This allows the children to practise and share the skills, being free to be creative at home and hopefully learn something new from others experience!