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Year R - Live Learning

Year R - Phonics - 'er' - 03-07-20

Today's phonics lesson will help us with the 'er' sound.

Year R - Phonics - 'ure' - 02-07-20

Today's phonics lesson with Mrs H is all about the 'ure' phoneme.

Year R - Phonics - 'air' - 01-07-20

Today Mrs H is helping us learn our 'air' phoneme.

Year R - Reading Skills - 23-06-20

Today's lesson from Miss B is all about reading skills!

Year R - Maths - Counting in Coins - 23-06-20

Today Miss B is teaching us how to count in coins!

Year R - Phonics - 'ear' - 24-06-20

Today Mrs H is doing the 'ear' trigraph!

Year R - Phonics - 'oi' - 23-06-20

Today we are looking at the 'oi' phoneme with Mrs H!

Year R - Rhyming Sounds 13-06-20

This lesson from Miss B teaches us about rhyming sounds.

Year R - Recognising Coins - 12/06/20

Today's Lesson from Miss B teaches us all about coins!