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Year 6 - Live Learning

Year 6 - Maths - Solving Multiplication Word Problems

In today's lesson Miss D shows us how to solve multiplication words problems using written methods.

Year 6 - Maths - Solving Division Problems

Today we are practicing our division methods!

Wednesday's Writing Lesson - 01-07-20

In today's lesson we are writing the first extract for our sliding door biography.

Tuesday's Writing Lesson - 30-06-20

Monday's Writing Lesson - 29-06-20

Thursday's Writing Lesson - 24-06-20

Today we are writing our Happiness Cake instructions!

Wednesday's Writing Lesson - 24-06-20

Today we are planning instructions for our Happiness Cakes!

Tuesday Writing Lesson - 23-06-20

Today we are creating information leaflets.

Monday's Writing Lesson - 22 06 20

Today we are planning a leaflet!

Year 6 - Maths - 3D Shapes

Today Miss D is looking at 3D shapes!

Thursday's Writing Lesson - 18-06-20

Today we are thinking about the importance of all of our emotions.

Year 6 - Maths - Nets - 17-06-20

In today's lesson, we look at all things net related with Miss D.

Wednesday's Writing Lesson - 17-06-20

Today we are discussing our ideas about being with other people.

Tuesday's Writing Lesson 16-06-20

Today we are writing our informal letters.

Monday's Writing Lesson - 15-06-20

In this lesson Mrs Newport helps us to plan an informal letter.

Maths - 12-06-20

Today we are looking at ratio and proportion!

Maths - 11-06-20

Today we are solving ratio problems.

Thursday's Writing Lesson - 11-06-20

Today we are looking at being kind to yourself!

Wednesday's Writing Lesson 10-06-20

Today we are writing kennings poems!

Tuesdays's Writing Lesson 09-06-20

Today we are making a comic strip!

Monday's Writing Lesson 08-06-20

Today we are writing a short narrative.

Friday's Maths Lesson 05-06-20

Friday's Writing Lesson 05-06-20

Today we were writing a short narrative.

Thursday's Writing Lesson 04-06-20

Wednesday's Writing Lesson 03-06-20

Today we created vision statements for 'The School of Unlearning'.

Wednesday's Maths 03-06-20

Today's lesson is on bar graphs!

Tuesday's Writing Lesson 02-06-20

This is the first of our 'Live Lessons' which are being shown to the children at school as well as at home!