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Year 6 - Home Learning

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Mrs Newport - Maths - Fractions Problems

In this video, Mrs Newport walks us through some fractions problems. We learn how to solve them using bar modeling.

Mrs Newport Maya Numerals Maths Lesson

Mrs Newport teaches you how to read and decode the Maya Numeral system and convert it into Arabic numbers.

Miss Dowling Writing Lesson

Miss Downling with a splendid writing lesson. This video will help you plan a story and think about some excellent features to include!

Mrs Newport Maya Creation Story Writing

A really lovely creative writing lesson for Year 6. This will probably take several writing sessions.

Mrs Newport - Spelling - Years 3 - 6

Mrs Newport with another great lesson on spelling! This one is for anyone in years 3-6! Enjoy :-)

Miss Dowling - Art Lesson (All Ages)

Miss Dowling with a mind blowingly good Art tutorial that all child could have a go at!

Mrs Newport's English Lesson on Odes (All Ages)

Mrs Newport delivers a fantastic poetry lesson for the children to try! Have fun!

Miss Dowling Year 6 Division

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.