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Year 6

Week Beginning Monday 23rd May- RESIDENTIAL! heart

Week Beginning Monday 29th March 

Monday 29th March Maths Compare Fractions greater than one

Monday 29th March English Analyse features of a newspaper report

Monday 29th March SPaG To develop our knowledge of a colon


Tuesday 30th March Maths Decimal and Fraction Equivalence

Tuesday 30th March English investigate letter strings

Tuesday 30th March History What was it like for people in the Shang Dynasty


Wednesday 31st March Maths Decimal Equivalents of Fractions

Wednesday 31st March English Explore Word Class

Wednesday 31st March Science What is a life cycle assessment?


Thursday 1st April Maths Add Fractions

Thursday 1st April English Gather evidence for a newspaper report

Thursday 1st April Computing How would you lay out your web page?