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Year 6

Week Beginning: Monday 25th April 2022 - Term 5, Week 2 


Monday 25th April - Maths - Further practice to reason about how the change in the subtrahend changes the difference

Monday 25th April - English - To develop reading for pleasure through discussion of favourite characters

Monday 25th April - History - What did the Ancient Greeks believe in?


Tuesday 26th April - Maths - Explore problems in which the new difference must be found

Tuesday 26th April - English - To understand the context of the film

Tuesday 26th April - Spanish - Saying some food words and saying you want to have some of these foods


Wednesday 27th April - Maths - Balance Equations Where the Compensation Property of Same Sum Cannot Efficiently be Applied

Wednesday 27th April - English - To investigate word endings: -ant -ent -ance -ence

Wednesday 27th April - Music - To explore changes in metre


Thursday 28th April - Maths - Balance Equations Where the Compensation Property of Same Difference Cannot Efficiently be Applied

Thursday 28th April - English - To explore the function of apostrophes

Thursday 28th April - D.T. - How can you develop designs using computer aided design?


Friday 29th April - ***Maths - We have used all the Maths links on Oak Academy from this point other subjects will be used. Please feel free to go back and use other Maths links to revise key concepts.*** 

Friday 29th April - English - To generate vocabulary

Friday 29th April - Science - What is light and where does it come from?


Week Beginning - Monday 1st November - Term 2 Week 1 - Residential Week!