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If you are unable to print off any of the resources attached for the lessons, please don't worry!


The children can either view the resources on their devices and re-create them in their Catch-Up Books, use the resources to make notes from, or write the questions and answers out in full. 


Thank you for your commitment to supporting your child's education at home. 


Year 5 Team

Music 22.02.21

Describe Music

English 22.01.21

English Extended Write Part 2 22.01,21.

Maths - 22.01.21

Subtract fractions with related denominators.

Maths Resources - 22.01.21

Art 21.01.21

Cross Hatching

English 21.01.21

Extended Write Part 1

English Resource WAGOLL 21.01.21

Maths - 21.01.21

Add and subtract fractions.

PE 20.01.21

You'll need a sock or something similar to jump over! Record your scores in your books, please!

English 20.01.21

Planning Suspense

Maths 20 01 21

Add fractions with related denominators.

Maths Resources - 20.01.21

Science 19.01.21

Describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system.

English 19.01.21


English Resource 19.01.21

Maths 19 01 21

Comparing and ordering fractions greater than one.

Maths Resources - 19.01.21

Reading Skills Questions For CH. 1 Of Floodlands

Topic 18.01.21

Space research and time line WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST

Topic Space Timeline 18.01.21

Space Timeline- Use with cards

Topic Resource 18.01.21

English 18.01.21

Suspense Writing

Maths 18.01.21

Compare and order fractions.

Maths Resources - 18.01.21

Art 15.01.21

Portraits using guidelines

Art Resource 15.01.21

English 15.01.21

Extended write

English Resources Wordbank 15.01.21

Maths 15.01.21

Find equivalent fractions

Maths Resources - 15.01.21

Music 14.01.21

Live performance

English 14.01.21


English Resources 14.01.21

Maths 14.01.21

Representing improper fractions and mixed numbers pictorially.

Maths Resources - 14.01.21

PE 13.01.21

English 13.01.21

Use the 5Ws to make notes and ideas

Maths 13.01.21

Dividing to make fractions

Maths Resources 13.01.21

Science 12 01 21

Describe the planets, the Moon and the Sun. You will need to make ten Top Trump cards in total. Eight for the planets, one for the Moon and one for the Sun (...

English 12.1.21

Features of descriptive writing.

Maths 12.01.21

Identify fractions

Maths Resources

Topic 11.01.21

Galileo Galilei

English 11.1.21

Extended Write

Maths 11.01.21

Use line graphs to solve problems.

Maths resources 11.01.21

Jigsaw 08.01.21

Jigsaw resources 08.01.21

English 08 01 21

Unfortunately, we have had some slight technical issues with today's English.

There are two video clips, which cannot be played in the video and will need to be played separately.
I have attached the links to these below this video.

Maths 08.01.21

Jigsaw 07 01 21

English 07 01 21

English resources - 07.01.21

Maths 07 01 21

Make sure you have a ruler handy - it will help you!

Jigsaw 06.01.21

You will just need your Catch-Up Book, a pencil or pen and a ruler.

English 06 01 20

Please print the resource before the lesson, thank you!

Sorry for the delay - I had a few technical issues!

English resources - 06.01.21

Maths 06.01.21 - Read and interpret line graphs.

You will need: Your Catch-up Book, a pencil, a ruler, a rubber and scrap paper/whiteboard to use when working out your arithmetic. You will need to print tod...

SPAG 171220

Maths 171220

RE - 16.12.20


Maths 16.12.20

Interpreting tables with a variety of data sets.

Maths (16.12.20) - Interpret and complete tables that have a variety of data sets.

Maths (15.12.20) - Read and interpret tables.

You will need some paper and a pencil for today's lesson. There are resources for you to print out if you can, if not, you can display them and answer the qu...

RE Tuesday 14th Dec 2020

Maths - Tuesday 14th Dec 2020

19 11 20 Maths - Multiply 3 digits by 2 digits

You will need to print the questions off, or use a pencil and paper to write the calculations out. If you have one, a white board and pen may help you to wor...

19 11 20 (Term 2, Week 3) Spellings - Silent letters

Week 3 spelling revision.
Use the template attached to create your own word search, using this week's spellings!

Lesson 1 Research.

Watch the clip and make notes using the prompts: Who? Where? When? What? Why? Focus on key facts and things that might interest your reader.

Dividing by 10

Use different representations to divide a number by 10. You could use lego bricks, pasta or counters to share out. You could draw counters on a place value grid. You could write digits on a place value grid.

Lesson 2. The Outbreak of War!

In this lesson, you will need to organize and present relevant information about the outbreak of World War One. You can decide how you want to present the in...

Spellings for this week.

Learn the meaning of the words and then unscramble the Dizzy Dictionary, by matching the correct meaning.

Lesson 3 Soldier and diagram

In this lesson, you will need to draw a diagram of a soldier and explain in detail about parts of his kit. You can use the image document underneath to help ...

Images of WW1 soldier

Shared Reading: The Last Post by Keith Campion

This is the first letter in the book, sent by William to his Dad. Listen to the letter, discuss and answer the questions.

Dividing by 100.

In this lesson, we are going to look at dividing a number by 100. You may want to draw your own place value grids to help. The questions and answers are belo...

Questions and answers for dividing by 100.