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Year 4

Term 3

Week 4

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Week 2

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Week 7




English: The Jabberwocky - vocabulary

Maths: Problem Solving - multiplication and division

SPaG: Apostrophes




English: The Jabberwocky - Double letter words

Maths: Problem solving - 4 operations

SPaG: Inverted Commas




English: The Jabberwocky - Punctuating speech

Maths: Division strategies

SPaG: Inverted commas (2)




English: The Jabberwocky - Plan the climax

Maths: Multiplication patterns

SPaG: Past, present and future tense




English: The Jabberwocky - Write the climax

Maths : Investigating multiplication patterns

SPaG: Simple, compound and complex sentences


Week 6



English: Jabberwocky- Plan an opening

Maths: Dividing- Mentally

Topic: Geography- South America



English: Jabberwocky- practise and apply French sounding words

Maths: Dividing - use knowledge of multiples

Topic: Geography- Human geography



English: Jabberwocky- write the opening

Maths: Dividing- short division

Topic: Geography- Chile



English: Jabberwocky- plan the build up

Maths: Dividing- short division 2

Topic: Geography- Compare Chile and the UK



English: Jabberwocky- write the build up

Maths: Dividing- short division 3

SPaG: Past and present tense

Week 4

Thursday 25th November

English: Fronted adverbials.

Maths: Multiplication

Geography: Natural Resources

Week 2

Monday 20th September:

English: Adjectives and nouns

Maths: Ordering and comparing numbers

SPaG: Homophones

Tuesday 21st September:

English: Verbs and adverbs

Maths: Comparing sets of numbers

SPaG: Word class

Wednesday 22nd September

English: Poetry

Maths: Multiplication patterns

Topic: Hazards in the home.

Thursday 23rd September

English: Learning about poetry

Maths: Rounding to 10, 100 and 1000

Topic: Human Geography

Tuesday 9th November:

English: Writing Instructions

Maths: Subtraction

Science: States of Matter