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Weeks 1-3

Week 3

English Friday 22.01. Use Prepositions

Understand and use prepositions. For this grammar lesson, you'll need a pencil, ruler, catch-up book, glue and a sheet 'Prepositions' or the open document today. Mrs Lud gets out her impressive grammar hammer to crack this work - recaps word families too, looking at nouns, finding adjectives and a 'cheeky' adverb that sneaked in. Warning; the props don't quite go to plan, and a final improvisation leads to a pretty terrible fish joke. So sorry! Mrs L ; )

Maths Fri 22.01. Read Scales 200g

Use scales with 200g intervals. You'll need a pencil, ruler, catch up book and glue and 'read scales 200g' activity sheet. Alternatively you can open and use the document or pause the video at the end as the scales and questions are there to use. Developing skills in reading scales with different interval values, 100g yesterday, 200g today. Go for it!

PSHE Fri 22.01 Achievements Overcoming Difficulties

Respect and admire people who overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams and goals. A valuable lesson for discussing obstacles, resilience and achieving goals because we are currently in lockdown and circumstance are so different. You'll need a pencil and a piece of scrap paper for 'sound circles' activity, catch-up book and glue, also a copy of the sheet, although it is possible to work from the document or pause the video. The lesson is today's Friday 22nd Jan although it shows 21st, sorry, my mistake. It is a long one, but worthwhile, and includes some real time relaxing and calming exercises to prepare for the weekend.

English Thurs 21.01. Write a Description of a Mythical Beast

Draft a character description of a new mythical beast. The video gives tips on using a plan to help improve your descriptive writing. You'll need a pencil, yesterday's plan to help and a catch-up book to write in. There are checklists to outline your writing challenges but you don't have to print these, they are on the video or open the document and work from there if you wish to. Create your super descriptions today, and remember to use your beast's name as the title. Happy writing year 3!

Maths Thurs 21.01 Read Scales Above 1kg

Reading scales above 1kg. You'll need a pencil, ruler, catch up book and glue for this lesson. A printed copy of the activity sheet would be good but not essential, Work from the open document in the school's website or pause the video - questions are at the end, but the scales are quite small. My apologies for coughing midway, not C-19 related, annoying asthma. Have a good day Year 3's, we are getting to the end of another week of fab maths!

Art - Thursday - 21.01.21 - Greek Shield

Create an authentic Greek shield.
Today's Art/DT is all about making a Greek shield. We look at the decorations you might find on a Greek shield and who that shield would belong to. We then move onto making your own shield with your own symbol of your choice. You will need a few items such as cardboard, scissors, glue, paint/felt pens. If you don't have any of those a piece of paper is also fine. I hope you enjoy making your shield and I can't wait to see the finished product. Enjoy!

English Weds 20.01. Notes and Plan for Mythical Beast

Create descriptive notes and plan a mythical beast. You'll need a pencil, glue and catch up book today, plus the 'Beast Plan' printable, or work from that document or pause the video. Use your ideas from yesterday, take the best ones and add amazing vocabulary. Then write your descriptive notes in your plan. Remember to give your reader clear ideas of your beast. The planning sheet is for all children today (Cool use same and complete one or more note in each section.) Don't forget to draw a picture and create a beastly name to match!

Maths Weds 20. 01. Read Scales with 10g Intervals

Reading scales to measure mass between 100g marked intervals. You'll need a pencil, ruler, catch-up book, glue and a print out 'Read scales 10g Intervals' if possible. Alternatively you can use the document or pause the video at the end (harder in the video as the intervals are as large as I could make them!). We are becoming measuring experts in year 3!

History Weds 20.01. Athens Sparta Wars

Understand why Athens and Sparta went to war. You will need a pencil, colouring pencils, ruler, glue and catch-up book for this lesson. You can print the activity sheet or open the document/pause the video to access the work. Answer questions relating to the city states and their fighting history and watch a short video about the key strategy 'the phalanx' that was a successful strategy until Roman times, as well as finding out about soldiers; their armour and weapons. Stick with the video it is quite lengthy, within it there is a short link to another video and lots of information that was needed to give the complete picture! Mrs L.

English Tues 19. 01. Ideas for Mythical Beast

Explore and generate ideas for a mythical beast. You'll need a pencil, scissors and glue, catch up book and preferably a print of animal pictures to use. Alternatively you can explore and draw the different animal parts. This is a long video, stick with it as there are plenty of ideas from the mythical creatures book that is used. Please don't write a description yet, we're working on this later on.

Maths Tues 19.01. Read Scales in g and kg

Reading scales in grams and kilograms. You will need a pencil, ruler, catchup book, glue and a copy of the activity sheet, you can download and print from the school's website. Sorry about slip up with the cool starter, circled answer incorrectly and quality of worksheet not so good today. If you have time over, please do some 'hands on' maths using weighing scales and building real life skills; estimating objects that weigh around 1kg or 100g. These are useful skills to have!

PE - Tuesday - 19.01.21 - Aerobics

Develop strength, technique, control and balance. Enjoy your PE lesson with Miss Squire today. Make note of the exercises at the beginning of the video as you can use these to make up your own routine. If you need to pause the video at any time to carry on with the exercises please do or watch the whole video then do the videos you can. You might find it's nicer to do it with music as it helps keep pace and motivation.

English Mon 18.01. Hercules Myth

Understand the myth of the 12 Labours of Hercules. You will need a pencil and catch up book today, you can choose to print the Starter Activity sheet which is a brief alphabetical order task, or write in alphabetical order into your book from the open document. Today's lesson is so that you become familiar with the myth 'The 12 Labours of Hercules' - listen to Mrs L reading the myth to you in this video. You can also watch the Hercules (1997 Disney Film) if you have access; although this is not a necessity as the reading is enough, the film is great to watch if you can. Sorry for covering up text 'forgiven for his terrible past deeds' with my big talking head! Mrs Lud.

Maths Mon 18.01. Bar Models Solve Problems

Use bar models to solve word problems. Practise using bar models to solve length word problems today. You'll need a pencil, ruler, catch-up book, glue and a copy of the question sheet either printed, or open the document on the school's website/or pause the video to access the questions. The questions are at the end of the video. Time to work on using those maths skills needed for problem solving. Go for it!

Science - Monday - 18 01 21 - Reflective Surfaces

Investigate which surfaces reflect light and create a fair test.
WARNING!! The laptop is very noisy and is ready to set off to the moon in this recording, when we watch the video I turn the volume up on the laptop (big mistake!) which makes it really loud and echo. I am so sorry about this!
I hope you enjoy the video, apart from the loud noises, and the investigation. You will need a torch, white card, 6 types of materials and the worksheet that is on the school website. Who ever counts up how many 'so' and 'ums' correctly will win a prize! Enjoy :)

Week 2

English Fri 15. 1. Read for Pleasure

Read for pleasure. Finish off a busy week, sit back and relax while listening and watching Mrs Lud read a story by a very famous author. Find out about his website too. You will need a pencil, catch up book and glue, copy of the book or character review sheets from the school website or you could pause the video/use the open document to work from. Finally write a book or character review - this book, a current reading book or your favourite book, you choose! (Sorry for camera shake, first go at filming and reading and trying not to cough.)

Maths Fri 15. 1. Multiplication Word Problems

Solve multiplication word problems; building up those super skills with bar modelling too today. You'll need a pencil, ruler, catch up book, glue and today's multiplication word problem sheet. Alternatively you can work from the open document or pause the video; questions at the end. Join Mrs Lud for the last maths lesson of the week; with a last minute guest appearance from Percy the Podengo, who was looking to try out some maths today.

Art - Friday 15.01.21 - Icarus Collage

Blend colours using a watercolour wash use collage to create texture.
Welcome to your 2nd art lesson Year 3, your artwork today is inspired by the Greek Myth Daedalus and Icarus that you have been learning about in English.
You will need 3 pieces of paper, Icarus outline (if you wanted it), paintbrush/watercolour/watered down paint/colouring pencils/couloured paper, feather images or any coloured paper you may find in old magazines or books and glue. Have fun and enjoy recreating your own Icarus collage, I cannot wait to see your own interpretation.

English Thurs 14. 1. Write Comic Strip

Draft a comic strip of a myth. Use your comic strip plan from yesterday to help you write your final version. You'll need a pencil, colouring pencils or felt tips, ruler, catch-up book, and glue. You'll need a comic strip (8 box or 6 box cool) printed or carefully draw one using a ruler and pencil. There's also a checklist to use as a reminder that you've included what's needed. You could print or open up the doc or pause the video to use it. Up-level your plan to make your comic strip the best it can be today. Have fun! Mrs L.

Maths Thurs 14.1. Solve Word Problems

Solve word problems. We continue using bar models as a way into solving word problems; drawing them in picture form. For this lesson you will need a pencil, ruler, glue, catch-up book and printed word problem sheet. Alternatively you can open the document on the school website or pause the video and work from there. There are a number of steps towards fully answering the problems today; so a longer video needed to work through examples and strategies needed.

RE Thurs 14.1. Bible Special

Explore the Christian Bible and why it is important to Christians. For this lesson you'll need a pencil and some colouring pencils or felt tips, glue, catch-up book and/or print of activity sheet RE Thurs 14.1. Positive Book/or piece of A5 plain paper would be fine. Help to create a fabulous class book with positive messages to share with each other. Complete your message and design, send a photo to your teacher if you are at home! You could also write a message on discord to your buddies today to tell them what you have been doing in RE too. Have fun, Mrs Lud. Please excuse the notifications 'pinging' noises near the end.

English Weds 13. 1. Story Map Comic Strip

Using a story map to plan a comic strip. Today you will need a pencil, glue and catch-up book with 2 activity sheets; first is story map activity and second is comic strip plan activity. Alternatively you can pause the video or use the open documents and work directly into your book. Please forgive my 'froggy' throat and cough in the video, apologies, Mrs L.

Maths Weds 13.1. Bar Models Prob Solve

Using bar models to solve word problems. You will need a pencil, ruler, glue, catch-up book, printed activity sheets for the lesson, or you can work from the document within the school website or pause video. The questions are at the end of the video. Please do as much as you feel you can of the arithmetic (first section bronze/silver/gold) in your catch up books, this is to build speed and fluency; do as much as is comfortable.

- Greek City States Maps

Make a sketch map of city-states in Ancient Greece. Work on maps; city-states and geographical (Earth's features; land types, sea). For this lesson you'll need a pencil, coloured pencils, catch-up book and activity sheet from the school's website 'Greek City States Map Activity' printed if possible and 'maps and facts resources' (open document - no need to print colour). This lesson is a topic geography/history linked lesson including the powerful city-states in ancient Greece.

English Tues 12.1. Myth Characters and Sequence

Identify characters and sequence a myth. For this lesson you will need a pencil, ruler, glue and catch-up book and ideally a print out of today's activity sheet (not essential though). You can also work straight into your catch-up book and use the sheet and/or video to access this learning by pausing the video. Fun activity describing yourself in just 3 words and checking with others, try it! Mrs Lud.

Maths Tues 12.1. Comparing Lengths

Comparing lengths of 2 or more measurements. You will need a pencil and ruler, glue, scissors, catch-up book and a print of the activity sheet today. Alternatively you can pause the video and work from there or work straight from the open document. So sorry my beeper went off mid-flow and that the video is quite a long one. There were two quite meaty examples there and I got a little carried away! Mrs Lud.

Tuesday - 12.01.21 - PE - Lesson 1

Hello Year 3, welcome to your first PE lesson of the term featuring the amazing Miss Squire. Please pause the video so you can make notes of the exercise routine she has made for you all or to carry out each exercise.
The video cuts out and restarts half way through, I can only apologise for this, Ipad ran out of space.
It's a lovely lesson to get you up and stretching and getting that heart rate going from all that sitting down you have been doing whilst completing your home learning. Enjoy!

English Mon 11. 1. Comparing Myths

Compare the features of myths. For this lesson you will need a pencil, ruler, catch-up book and glue to stick your work in. A print of the Myth Features Compare activity sheet would be good, although you can pause and restart the video as an alternative, and write directly into your catch-up book. There is a second shorter video of a reading of the myth of Daedalus and Icarus (Mrs Ludlow reads with the text too), that accompanies this work.

English Mon 11. 1. Reading Daedalus and Icarus

Compare the features of myths. Listen and read along with Mrs Ludlow as she reads the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. You will then complete the features you find and compare with another myth. This is an accompanying video to 'Comparing Myths' same date.

English Mon 11.1. Features of a Myth Activity Cool Challenge  Please use the standard version below and choose your favourite myth out of the two and complete the features (for that one column only).

Maths Mon 11. 1. Length in km and m

Writing length in km and m. You'll need a pencil and ruler, catch-up book, glue and printed activity sheet (if you can) from the school's website. Alternatively you can pause the video and work through the activities straight into your catchup book.

Science - Monday 11.01.21 - Light and Dark

Understand that you need light to see. Welcome to your first Science lesson, our Science topic this term is light and dark. You will need your pencil, ruler, catch up book, feely objects and a pillow case (all will be revealed). The lesson today is to know that you need light to see and darkness is the absence of light. Enjoy the lesson, and excuse my laptop noises and when it decides it's going to take off during the video!

Week 1

English Fri 8.1. Write Atlantis Legend

Draft a legend. You'll need your catch-up book and a pencil, scissors and glue. You can print out a checklist to use which has a plan to help you keep track and include the important events. Feel free to add, change and develop the plan, it is yours to use. Please stick the date, skill and checklist in your book. Then you are ready to use the plan, write your title and you are good to go!

Maths Fri 8.1. Length in m

Write length in metres. For this lesson you'll need a pencil and ruler, glue and catch-up book and a print out of the Metres Activity sheet/ Metres Activity Cool sheet. We know that not everyone can print out, don't worry as the questions are at the end of the video too. This means you can either pause the video and work from the screen or open the activity sheets in the school website and work from them. Sorry about the annoying clicking noises, not sure where they were coming from, best, Mrs Lud.

Art - Friday - 08.01.21 - Chaos Art

Your topic lesson today is art. I hope you enjoy the video and create some amazing pieces. You can use any materials to create different effects, I thought of using cutlery, cotton buds/wool, straws - if you have any. Excuse the umms! It's my first time.

English Thurs 7.1. Create Imaginative Descriptions

Create Imaginative Descriptions. You will need a pencil, ruler, scissors, glue, catch-up book or paper, printed activity sheet if possible. We are creating descriptive vocabulary to describe settings, events and characters. Write descriptive words, phrases and sentences to create a word 'picture' for your reader. Share your word and ideas in the Emerald or Green messages or pin a photo of completed work in the pinboard!

Maths Thurs 7.1. Length in cm

Write length in centimetres cm. You will need a pencil, ruler, catch-up book or paper, printed worksheets if you can for today. Arithmetic to start today, then change lengths in both m/cm to just cm.

Geography Thurs 7.1.Locate Greece

Locate Greece and close locations using maps. You will need a pencil, ruler and some colouring pencils, including mid/light blue please. Basic atlas in case you have one. Catch-up book and glue to stick in work. Print outs of 2 sheets - Greece information sheet and Greece map activity sheets are best, or work from the resource or video. We really do understand if you are not able to print at home. Drawing a simple map outline is a skill too! Audio a little quiet then loud for the clip - will try to improve this, Mrs L :)

English Wednesday 6.1. Legend Features

Identify the features of a legend. You'll need a pencil and print out of a Legend Features Compare sheet, or for a more simple challenge (Cool) Legend Features Cool sheet. Or you can pause the video and write your work into your green catch-up book. You can print out the Legend of Pheidippides/Marathon to help. You will also need to watch the second video 'Listen Legend Atlantis' where the legend is read to you. We'll be looking at two legends in this lesson and comparing their features (not all are found in legends). You can stick your sheet into your catch-up work when you finish. Sorry - power point shows Tues date - should be Wednesday 6th, Mrs Lud.

English Wednesday 6.1. Listen to the Legend of Atlantis

Mrs Ludlow reads the Legend of Atlantis to you with pictures. Then you can find the features in the legend and record them on your legend features sheet or in your green catch-up book.
Watch this as well as the English Weds 6.1. video today.

Maths Weds 6.1. Write Length in m and cm

Writing length in metres and centimetres. You'll need a pencil, your catch-up book and you can print out the activity sheet for this lesson from the school's website. You could use the sheet or pause the video to work from. You can complete some part/whole models as shown in the video too. Please stick dated activity sheets into your catch-up book.

History Weds 6.1. Create a Timeline

Order dates in chronological order. You will need a ruler, pencil, scissors and glue, catchup book and a copy of the activity sheet from the school's website. If you are unable to print, draw your time line and write the dates in order into your book working from the activity sheet.



Term 2 - Isolation Work Emerald Class

Monday 14th December 2020  - End of Isolation Note from Mrs Ludlow


Just to let you know that I have had some lovely work brought in to class today from our isolation time. I can see that many children have been well supported, lots of them were talking abut their learning last week, thank you. Many thanks too for work emailed during the week to the office, they certainly raised my spirits during this challenging time!

We have had a very positive day in class today,  and it was super to see their smiles when they returned!

Take care, Mrs Ludlow



English Friday 11.12. Edit, Write and Perform a Rhyming Poem

Edit, write in best and perform your rhyming poem in today's lesson. This is the finale of our English this week and you will need a pencil, a printout (download from the school's website) of the writing paper which is edged with food, or a piece of A4 paper to use. You'll work on spellings, check your poem works well and you have included features of a poem. Write up in 'best'; neat clear handwriting, and get ready to finally perform it to your family!

Maths Friday 11.12 - Solve Word Problems

Solve word problems that use multiplication and division. You'll need a printed worksheet, a pencil and spare paper to hand, or paper to work on. Choose cool, normal or hot challenges today - hot if you are confident using multiplication grid for 2-digit numbers and chunking 10 x for division. You could sort the questions into multiply/divide piles to help too.

Design Topic Friday 11.12. Design a Cereal Box

Design a seasonal breakfast cereal box. You'll need a pencil, scissors, glue stick, a cereal box, felt tips or colouring pencils. You can add your design to a full sized cereal box you might have in your cupboard. Alternatively you can also find and print a cuboid net (Use safe search kids search cuboid net, math-salamander is good for these),stick on light card, cut out and make up the box. Follow the video and design your packaging with your own designer cereal - lets get creative! I'd love to see them.

English Thursday 10.12. Draft a Rhyming Poem

It's time to be creative and write a first draft of your rhyming poem today! You'll need a pencil and paper and your notes from Tuesday and Wednesday to help you with rhymes and ideas. Remember to ask for help if you need to, have fun!

Maths Thursday 10. 12. Multiply and Divide Using a Number Line

Use a number line to solve a mix of multiplication and division questions. You'll need a pencil and paper or printout of the worksheet out (from school website). Pause the video at the end to read the questions if using paper.
Look out for Mr Egg with his terrible egg pun today!

English Wednesday 9.12. Explore Senses for Ideas for a Food Poem

Using your senses to help generate words and ideas for a food poem. Watch a scrumdiddlyumptious cooking demonstration to help build vocabulary and then generate more rhyming words today to use for poetry writing. You will need a sheet of paper, lined is best, and a pencil for your ideas. What a taste sensation with oodles of noodles!

Maths Wednesday 9.12. - Dividing by Chunking on a Numberline

Divide by chunking on a number line using a chunk of 10 times and then steps of 1 times. This visual way of dividing uses some known skills (we have used numberlines for multiplication this term). You'll need a pencil, a coloured pencil and a ruler, plus the worksheet (download and print from the school's website) or plain paper and you can pause the video to use the questions page near the end of the video. Remember, good things happen when you go for it!

Design Topic Weds 9.12. - Great Breakfast Cereal Box Challenge  (click the title to link to the video)

Create a persuasive slogan for your winter style breakfast cereal.

You'll need a pencil and paper, preferably lined. The lesson explains how to create a slogan using puns, alliteration and rhyme for a healthy snack, use this to create one with these features for your breakfast cereal (see yesterday's lesson). Can you also create an eye-catching and persuasive name for your cereal that can be used on your cereal box?

English Tuesday 8.12. - Collect Rhyming Words

Investigate and collect rhyming and near rhyming words for a rhyming food poem later this week. You'll just need a pencil and some paper today to record your work. Keep this safe to use later! You may want to extend your ideas and vocabulary further by using online website RhymeZone. Don't forget to ask permission to do this and stay safe online.

Maths Tuesday 8.12. - Dividing on a Number Line

Using objects to divide using a number line. You'll need a ruler and pencil and some small objects to use such as pennies, small lego blocks or make your own from card. You can download the question sheet with empty number lines ready to use, or use plain paper and pause the video near the end to use the questions.

Design Topic Tuesday 8.12. - Great Breakfast Cereal Box Challenge

Generate and develop ideas for a seasonal breakfast cereal box. Welcome to a mini working at home challenge!
You'll need a copy of the worksheet (download from the school's website) and a pencil for this lesson. Or use paper and use the download document or stop the video towards the end.
You'll need access to any cereal boxes you may have at home. If you haven't, no problem, Mrs L share hers!

Art - week beginning 7.12.20

Using 2-dimensional shapes to create 3-dimensional drawings. You'll need some white unlined paper, a pencil, some coloured pencils or felt tips as well as some food packaging (unopened is best). Ask for help from a grown-up if you need it. This is part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic, have a go!
If you can, please send a photo of your sketches/finished work via email to the school and they will forward to me. Many thanks!

English Monday 7.12 - Features of Rhyming Poetry

Identify the features of a rhyming poem. You'll need a pencil and some colouring pencils or felt tips and a copy of the worksheet (download from school website). You can use paper and stop the video and use the poem and questions.
You might want to check out more poems you have at home and find the features, have fun!

Maths Mon 7.12 2-Digit Multiplication

Use a grid to multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit number for higher numbers. You will need a pencil and ruler and a printed worksheet (download from school's website) or paper. If working on paper, you can use the questions at the very end of the video.

English Friday 4.12 Investigating Synonyms

Investigation and using synonyms. You'll need a pencil and paper or worksheet printed (download from school website). Today you will need to open the worksheet document and use it for the work if you're using paper today.

Maths Friday 4.12 - Multiplication using a grid.

Multiplication using a grid for higher numbers. You will need a pencil, ruler and some paper or a print out of the worksheet for today - down load from the school website. The work questions are near the end of the video so that you can pause it and work from the screen.

Friday 4.12 Reading - Reading for Pleasure. 

Reflect on your enjoyment of reading and create a Reading River.

This video is quite long and is best seen in 2 parts. Stop after 14 mins and break before you begin creating your reading river! 

I would really love to see these, you could email a photo of yours to school ( .

I've just ordered the Pokemon encyclopedia for our class as it's something we enjoy talking about!

Take care, Mrs Lud x

English Thurs 3.12 - Apostrophes for possession.

Punctuation - identify and use an apostrophe for possession. You can print out or use the apostrophes work sheet from the school website. You'll need a pencil to complete the work sheet.

Maths Thurs 3.12 - Multiplying using a grid.

Using a multiplication grid for 2-digit numbers x 1-digit numbers. You can print out the question sheet from the school website or pause at the end of the video to copy and use the questions.