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Weeks 1-3

22.01.21 English - Edit spelling using look, say, cover, write, check.

Today we will practice spelling the 'or' sound with the 'or' and 'au' spellings and the 's' sound with the 'c' spelling. We will then apply our skills to edit a piece of writing.

22.01.21 Maths - Draw bar models to solve division number sentences.

In this lesson, we will continue our work with bar models to develop our division skills.

22.01.21 Topic - PE - Evaluate a routine of movements.

Today we will conclude our PE for this term by evaluating our own circuits. We will have a go at over circuits before deciding on two things we are proud of and one thing we would like to do differently if we were to do the task again.

21.01.21 English - Draft a biography about Tim Peake.

In this lesson, we will use all of the information we have gathered this week to write our biography about, astronaut, Tim Peake.

21.01.21 Maths - Divide using a bar model.

Today we will begin to use bar models to solve division problems.

21.01.21 Topic - History - Put events in chronological order.

In our History lesson today, we will explore the history of flight and create a timeline of some key events.

20.01.21 English - Plan a biography.

In this lesson we will finish preparing for our extended write by planning our biography about Tim Peake.

20.01.21 Maths - Make equal groups by grouping and sharing.

Today we will move onto division with a practical lesson. We will practice grouping and sharing objects to answer division questions.

20.01.21 Topic - Music - Perform and evaluate a piece of music we composed.

Today we will conclude our Music lessons for this term with a performance and evaluation of our composition.

19.01.21 English - Gather information about an astronaut.

Today we will learn about key events in the life of British astronaut, Tim Peake. We will use colours to organise facts into their relevant sub-heading.

19.01.21 Maths - Solve multiplication word problems by drawing pictures.

Today we will explore a new method to answer multiplication word problems - drawing pictures.

19.01.21 Topic - Art - Use observational skills to draw constellations.

Today we will continue our space theme and explore beauty amongst the stars to draw our own constellations.

18.01.21 English - Identify features of a biography

Today we will be exploring the features of a biography that we will use later this week in our biography about Tim Peake.

18.01.21 Maths - Recall multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Today we will be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and recalling facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

18.01.21 Topic - Science - Suitability of materials

Today we will be exploring the properties of materials and we will be writing a letter to our new alien friend comparing the suitability of a range of materials.

15.01.21 English - Edit using the suffix -ed

Today you are going to learn about the suffix -ed and use this knowledge to edit your newspaper report about Jessica Ennis- Hill.

15.01.21 Maths - Derive number sentences from arrays

Today you will be writing multiplication number sentences and repeated addition number sentences for given arrays.

15.01.21 Topic - PE - Create a routine of movements

Today in PE you are going to create a routine of movements that require jumping.

14.01.21 English - Write a newspaper report

Today we will be writing a newspaper report all about Jessica Ennis- Hill and her gold medal win at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

14.01.21 Maths- Explore commutative law

Today we learn that multiplication is commutative and use arrays to explore this.

14.01.21 Topic - History- Create and participate in your own mini Olympics

Today you will be creating your own mini Olympic Games and designing a new sport.

13.01.21 English- Plan a newspaper report.

Today we are going to be planning our newspaper report about Jessica Ennis-Hill and her gold medal win.

13.01.21 Maths- Drawing arrays

Today we are going to learn how to draw arrays to solve multiplication number sentences.

13.01.21 Topic - Music - Create music using body percussion

Today we are going to learn how to use body percussion to create our own piece of music.

12.01.21 English - Gather information through role play

Today we are going to be learning about Jessica Ennis-Hill and the heptathlon events. You will re-enact the events. You will then draw a picture of Jessica c...

12.01.21 Maths - Making arrays

Today we learn how to make arrays to solve multiplication number sentences.

12.01.21 Topic - Art - Using lines to create the appearance of movement.

Today we are going to be looking at the work of Keith Haring and create art using lines to show movement.

11.01.21 English - Identify features of a report.

Today we will look at the features of a newspaper report, to prepare us to write our own newspaper report later in the week.

11.01.21 Maths - Use the multiplication symbol.

Today we will develop our learning from repeated addition to look at it's relationship with the multiplication symbol.

11.01.21 Topic - Science - Compare results.

In this lesson we will compare results to our predictions after investigating the best bubble!

08.01.21 English - Draft a character description.

Today we will complete our work with Tigger by writing a character description using a range of descriptive vocabulary.

08.01.21 Maths - Add equal groups.

Today we will continue to work with equal groups through repeated addition.

08.01.21 Topic - PE - Identify movements that require jumping.

This afternoon we will start to identify movements that require jumping.

07.01.21 English - Gather vocabulary about a character.

Today we will use a range of senses to gather vocabulary about a character.

07.01.21 Maths - Making equal groups.

Today we will use addition and redistribution to create equal groups.

07.01.21 Topic - History - Comparing ancient and modern Olympic games.

This afternoon we will explore the similarities and differences between the ancient Olympics and the modern Olympics.

06.12.21 English - Identifying features of a character description.

Today we will identify features of a character description which we can use to write our own description later in the week!

06.01.21 Maths Recognise equal groups

Today we will explore equal and unequal groups.

06.01.21 Topic - Music - Experimenting with, and creating, sounds.

This afternoon we will look at sheet music and begin to read music, as well as create sounds using body percussion.

14.12.20 Maths - Record properties of 3D shapes

Continuing with out concept, shape, today we will identify and record properties of 3D shapes by finding their faces, edges and vertices.

14.12.20 English - Writing the middle of a narrative

Today we will continue with our extended write and write the middle of our narratives.

14.12.20 Topic - Art - Gingerbread disguise

The Gingerbread Man needs our help! He needs a disguise so that he doesn't get eaten by Father Christmas. Can you help him?

11.12.20 Maths - Locating lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

In Maths today, we will use our fine motor skills to cut shapes from paper and fold them to find their lines of symmetry.

11.12.20 English - Draft the beginning of a narrative.

Today, we will use the plans we have worked to create this week and start to write our narrative. We will only write the beginning of our story today and co...

11.12.20 Topic - Computing - Rehearse and record a Christmas story.

In today's lesson we will discuss a variety of ways to film our Christmas stories, along with the importance of rehearsal.

10.12.20 Maths - Properties of 2D shapes

In today's Maths lesson we will complete a table of properties for 2D shapes.

10.12.20 English - Planning an alternative ending

In this English lesson, we will conclude our planning for our narrative and create a plan for an alternative ending to the traditional tale, Hansel and Gretel.

10.12.20 Topic - Computing - Create resources for a stop motion film

In Computing, we will recap what we learnt earlier this term about stop-motion films and create a storyline for our own Christmas films.

09.12.20 Maths - Finding 2D and 3D shapes in everyday objects.

Today, we will have a practical lesson to start off our new concept, shape. We will recap what we already know and use this information to find objects that ...

09.12.20 English - Plan the beginning and middle of a narrative.

Today, we will start to plan our narrative inspired by Hansel and Gretel. We will plan the beginning and the middle of our narrative.

09.12.20 Topic - Geography - Investigate how food gets to our plate.

Continuing our work in Geography, today we will explore how food gets to our plates. We will identify ways to decrease food miles and create a poster to rais...

08.12.20 Maths - Subtraction with money

Today we will conclude our work with money by using subtraction to find change.

08.12.20 English - Design a setting for a story.

Today we will design our own gingerbread house for our story Hansel and Gretel.

08.12.20 Topic - Geography - Food around the world.

In this lesson we start to explore the different types of food that are produced around the world and learn about why they are different.