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Year 2

Week beginning 18th April, 2022


Monday 18th April

Bank Holiday


Tuesday 19th April

English: Listen to a news report

Maths: Ordering the months of the year

Design Technology: Exploring fruit and vegetables

Wednesday 20th April, 2022

English: Tell a news report from memory

Maths: Sequencing events in chronological order

Design Technology: Developing ideas for a fruit salad


Thursday 21st April, 2022

English: Deepen a news report through role play

Maths: Measuring time in minutes and seconds

Design Technology: Making a fruit salad


Friday 22nd April, 2022

English: Find key information in a text

Maths: Reading and writing the time in words

History: How has food changed in the last 60 years?

Term 4

Week beginning 5th January, 2022


Wednesday 5th January

English: Listen and respond to a story

Maths: Comparing lengths and heights of objects

History: What is an explorer?


Thursday 6th January

English: Retell a story 

Maths: Understanding standard units of length

History: Who was Amelia Earhart?


Friday 7th January

English: Explore feelings in a story

Maths: Doubling and halving

Music: What is pitch?