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Year 1

Maths: 14th December 2020: Exploring calculation strategies


14th December 2020: Using number bonds when subtracting

15th December 2020: Using doubles to calculate near doubles

16th December 2020: Using the 'make 10' strategy

17th December 2020: Understanding the = symbol represents equivalence

18th December 2020: Choosing calculation strategies



English: 14th December 2020: Phonics focus


14th December 2020: Phase 4 poopdeck pirates

Click on the link above to play the game (phase 4) and choose some CCVC / CVCC words for your child to write as a list: e.g., frog / tree / train / splat / flash / flight / toast / cloak / spook / floor / star / burnt / crown / spoil / coins / spear / stairs).

15th December 2020: Phonics play: Sentence substitution

Click on the link above and have fun reading and changing the sentences. Help your child to spot the digraphs before reading

16th December 2020: starfall learn to read

Click on the link above and enjoy playing the games and reading the stories together. Choose from games numbered 7 & 11-14. 

17th December 2020: BBC Bitesize: phase 3 sounds

Ask your child to say each sound from the list on the BBC Bitesize page. Choose 1 / 2 sounds to focus on. Watch the video, reading the words and sentences. Can your child recall and write one of the sentences from the video. Can they come up with their own sentence using that sound? 

18th December 2020: BBC Bitesize: Small Town Superheroes

Choose the punctuation game and select full stops / capital letters. Ask your child to read the sentences / read them to your child and ask them where the full stops / capital letters should go. 


14th December 2020: Topic: RE: The Nativity (Part 2)


14th December 2020: What is the Christian place of worship? 

15th December 2020: How can Christians show their identity? 

16th December 2020: The Nativity Story

Ask your child to watch the Nativity and retell it to a partner. 

17th December 2020: The Christmas Story in Sand

Watch this original telling of the Nativity. Grab a tray and some sand / salt and ask your child to draw an image/ images from the Nativity. You may wish to record their story, as in the CBeebies video.  


Topic: Art: 

18th December 2020: Make your own Christmas Card

Watch the video for inspiration and enjoy making your own Christmas card. 



2nd November 2020: Addition and subtraction within 10


2nd November 2020: Combining sets: count all

3rd November 2020: Combining sets: count on

4th November 2020: Linking addition to problem solving

5th November 2020: Understanding commutativity 

6th November 2020: Subtracting by partitioning



2nd November 2020: Monkeys and hats: Problems


2nd November 2020: Listen to and respond to a story.

3rd November 2020: Tell a story from memory. 

4th November 2020: Retell the main events in a story.

5th November 2020: Use capital letters and full stops. 

6th November 2020: Find information in the text. 



2nd November 2020:

Science: Seasons and Change Part 2


2nd November 2020  - What is hibernation?

3rd November 2020 - How can we record wind direction?


RE: Diwali 

4th November 2020 - Click here to learn about Diwali on the CBeebies website.

Can you make your own Rangoli pattern? You can use pens / collage or use chalks outside. 

5th November 2020 - Click here to learn more about Diwali and to recap the story of Rama and Sita. 

Can you make puppets for Rama, Sita, Ravana, and Hanumnan and use these to act out the story of Rama and Sita together? You can draw the pictures for each onto paper and create finger puppets or use lolly sticks / straws to create the puppets. 

6th November 2020 - Click here for ideas on how to make a card to celebrate Diwali.

You can select ideas from the video or draw your own picture on the front of your card. Who would you like to write your card to?