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Year 1

Year 1 - Topic Overview


Amber Class

Teachers: Mrs Warren/Mrs Webber

TA: Mrs Petrie

Orange Class

Teacher: Miss Dullam

TA: Mrs Lane

TERM 1 - Memory Box


Can you remember being small? Being a baby and learning to crawl? Do you recall your favourite toy, maybe a teddy bear or a book?


Thinking about our family and people that are special and important to us. Making a memory box of special things that we will remember. Your favourite toy, photos of a memory or your favourite team.


Memories are special. Let’s make some more!

Subjects covered in this topic.

English – We will be looking at fiction and non-fiction texts and their features, writing a diary entry based on the story ‘Old Bear’ and creating our own character based on the book ‘Paper Dolls’. We will then use our paper dolls to explore adjectives and write a description. Our characters will then go on their very own adventure as we create and write our own story. We will conclude this topic by writing a shopping list in preparation for our teddy bears picnic.

History – Explore old and new toys, what they look like and what they are made of. Why and how are they different compared to the toys of today?

Art and Design – Throughout this term we will be looking carefully at our own features and drawing a self-portrait and family portraits as part of our home learning. We will be exploring different textures and making a collage.

Design Technology – Yummy! We will be following instructions to make our own sandwiches for our teddy bears picnic.

Geography – We will be exploring our local area with a particular focus on our school and its surroundings. We will be looking at the various roles within our school and asking some of the adults questions about their jobs.

Maths – There will be a big focus on place value and understanding numbers. We will be using different strategies to add numbers. Towards the end of term, we will be setting up a school supermarket and using our money skill s to go shopping and buy the ingredients for our teddy bears picnic.

Music Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do! We will be exploring rhythm, beat and scales using our voices.

PE - This term our focus will be on ball skills, specifically throwing and catching so get those hands ready but make sure we warm up first!

PSHE – Our class rules will be decided this term and we will be looking closely at our school values.

Science – In our Science learning we will be exploring our senses through taste tests, sound walks, texture pictures and feely bags.

TERM 2 - Bright Light, Big City


Put on your best outfit because you’re invited to have tea with the Queen.

Use your best manners and comb your hair, as one will not be amused if you don’t!


What do you know about England’s capital city?

Let’s find out all about London, including its history, transport and famous landmarks.

Are you ready for the bright lights of the big city?

Hop in a black cab and … enjoy the ride!

Subjects covered in this topic.

English – This term we are imagining that we are back in 1666 and will be writing recounts of the Great Fire. Stepping back to modern day we write letters to the Queen and royal family before flying over to Peru to start our journey with Paddington Bear.

Geography- We are exploring countries and capital cities of the UK with a particular focus on  London, we will be using locational language, looking at maps and comparing geographical similarities between our home and London.

Computing- We will be concentrating this term on E-safety, improving our keyboard and mouse skills and learning how to begin to record information in different formats.

Design and Technology- We are making models of London landmarks using Junk Modelling and explore how they are different from buildings today.

History – We are going back in time to relive the fire of London and will be creating the fire of London outside!

Music- Singing voices to the ready as we learn traditional songs and nursery rhymes, such as London’s burning and Ring-a-ring-a-roses.

PSHE- We are exploring how different people feel in and around school and how we can be supportive and help them.

Science- Get your gloves out to investigate different materials and where they come from. We will be using all our new knowledge to decide which material is the most useful for Paddington Bear.

TERM 3 - Dinosaur Planet


Stomp, crash RRRAGH! Watch out everyone the dinosaurs are on the prowl!


They’re rampaging across the dusty earth swishing their enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth…


Let’s explore the dinosaur planet! Imagine you are a palaeontologist (a scientist who studies bones and fossils).

Dig deep and discover dazzling dinosaur facts.

Subjects covered in this topic.

English – We will be creating Fact files, poetry and riddles, non-chronological reports, narrative and writing for different purposes.

Art and Design- Get your drawing pencils out for our large and small scale modelling.

History- Step back in time and relive events beyond living memory and learn about the very important Mary Anning.

Computing – We will be learning to log on to a computer, typing skills, mouse control and exploring 2simple suite.

Design and Technology- Get messy designing and making dinosaur feet out of clay and masks using a range of materials.

Geography – Explore the world and locate our continents and oceans. Find yourself in the world using globes and computers and where you were born. Decide what environment we live in and the features of it. 

Music – Headphones might be needed as we are exploring percussion instruments and music.

PE- Get those feet ready to dance and hands ready to practise our ball skills.

PSHE- We will be working together to make a class set of rules, learning about making friends and what makes a good friend.

Science- Throughout this term we will be sorting and describing the differences between different plants and animals.   

TERM 4 - Enchanted Woodland


If you go down to the woods today, you are sure of a big surprise!

Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady eyed owls in the swaying treetops. Beneath the leaves are tiny footprints … Animal or imp? You decide?

Let’s build a den stick by stick and branch by branch.

Or we could make a teeny tiny home for a woodland fairy!

At last it is time to rest by the woodland fire, listening to stories and toasting our sweet gooey marshmallows. Yum, yum! 


Subjects covered in this topic.

English – Information books and letters lists and instructions.

Art and Design – Working with natural materials creatively to design and make sculptures.

Computing – Practise our typing so we can send an email across the world and explore e-safety.

Design and technology – we will be making party food and building dens making them strong and stable.

Geography – Exploring the local environment using simple compass directions and making maps to help us.

PE- Athletics – are you ready for sports day?

PSHE- Looking after our environment and recycling.

Science- We will be identifying and naming a variety of common garden and wild plants including deciduous and evergreen trees.

TERM 5 - Moon Zoom


Information coming soon!

Subjects covered in this topic.

Brand new topic info on its way!

TERM 6 - Superheroes


KERPOW! Intergalactic greetings young heroes it is time to rescue the planet from evil villians.

Who’s your favourite superhero? Spiderman?

Wonder Woman? Maybe your heroes are ordinary

people who have achieved great things?

Or is it those people who save lives in our emergency services that you admire the most?

Superheroes have super senses.

Use yours to identify mystery items by their smell, taste, sound and touch.

Is that phone box free? Please excuse me… I have to save the world! ZAP! WHIZZ! ZOOM!

Subjects covered in this topic.

English – Make your own Comic strip, explore your own  Superveggie story and make a Wanted poster for that evil pea.

Art and Design- Looking closely at the work of Picasso and recreating our own pieces of art work. 

Computing- Programming and animating superheroes and using webcams to make our own superheroes. 

Design and technology- Create a superhero city.

History- Listening to the history of Rosa Parks and Elizabeth Fry.

Music- Using boomwhackers to recreate nursery rhymes.

PE-Superhero balancing and gymnastic skills, can you move like a superhero?

PSHE- Recognising good and bad choices and how to change them. How to keep safe and who can help you?

Science- Use your super senses to identify mystery items by their smell, taste, sound and touch.

Curriculum Overview

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