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Week 8 (1 March)

Arithmetic Friday 5th March

Maths Friday 5th March

Friday 4th March English Seeing Light In The Darkness

'Darkness can be find in the darkest of places, if only you remember to switch on the light'- Albus Dumbledore. As we look at our final piece of War Poetry we reflect on our lockdown journey as a whole and the positives we can take from this challenging time. Grab your Home Learning book (hopefully for the last time) and create a postcard.

Art Friday 5th March

Fraction Summary Sheet

Arithmetic Wednesday 3rd March

Maths Wednesday 3rd March

Jigsaw Bunting Template (To use if you'd like).

Wednesday 3rd March Jigsaw My Dream World

Today we will be looking at the world and thinking about struggles some people face and then creating a reflective piece of Artwork or writing to describe what our dream world would look like!

Wednesday 3rd March English Acrostic Poem

Be ready to flex your poetic muscles and travel back to the Home Front in today's poetry session. You will need your Home Learning book and writing equipment!

Arithmetic Tuesday 2nd March

Maths Tuesday 2nd March

Tuesday 2nd March English Poetry Comparison

Looking at two poems can you identify the similarities and differences? You will need your Home Learning book and writing equipment. :)

Tuesday 2nd March Topic Pearl Harbor

You will need your Home Learning book and writing equipment for this lesson! Be prepared to report on one of the most shocking events of WW2!

Arithmetic Monday 1st March

Maths Monday 1st March

Monday 1st March English 'High Flight'

Garb your Home Learning book and writing equipment and let's take a look at like in the RAF through the eyes of a poet!

Monday 1st March Shared Reading

Hope you enjoy the next two chapters of our wonderful book!