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Week 8 (1 March)

03.03.21 English - Write a diary entry from the spider's perspective (part 2).

For our English lesson today, we will complete our diary entry as the spider from our book.

03.03.21 - Maths - Explore written reasoning skills - multiplication and division.

Today we will begin to transfer our verbal reasoning skills to written reasoning.

03.03.21 Topic - Music - Use and perform rhyming words.

In this lesson, we will create and perform our own rhymes using the expression we practiced last week!

02.03.21 English - Write a diary entry from the spider's perspective.

Today we will start our diary entry as the spider from Arghh Spider!

02.03.21 Maths - Develop verbal reasoning skills - addition and subtraction.

To continue our reasoning week, we will develop our verbal reasoning using RUCSAC to solve addition and subtraction problems.

02.03.21 Topic - Art - Use junk modelling to create a minibeast.

Gather your recycling ready for some junk modelling! In today's lesson we will get crafty building our own minibeast.

01.03.21 English - Retell a story.

Today we will continue our work with "Arghh Spider!" to create a plan for our extended write.

01.03.21 Maths - Explore reasoning skills - place value.

Today we will begin to understand what reasoning skills are before we develop our skills in this concept throughout the week.

01.03.21 Topic - Science - Sequence and describe lifecycles of different animals.

Let's explore lifecycles! Get your artistic hats on as you create a diagram of the lifecycle of an animal.