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Week 8 (1 March)

05.03.21 English - Write a book review.

Following on from our World Book Day celebrations yesterday, today we will review our favourite book!

05.03.21 Maths - Develop written reasoning skills - fractions.

Today we will conclude our reasoning week by putting all of the skills we have practiced onto paper!

05.03.21 Topic - PE - Create a routine from a range of movement types.

For our final lesson of the week we will get our groove on to choreograph our own dance routines using the work we completed last week!

03.03.21 English - Write a diary entry from the spider's perspective (part 2).

For our English lesson today, we will complete our diary entry as the spider from our book.

03.03.21 - Maths - Explore written reasoning skills - multiplication and division.

Today we will begin to transfer our verbal reasoning skills to written reasoning.

03.03.21 Topic - Music - Use and perform rhyming words.

In this lesson, we will create and perform our own rhymes using the expression we practiced last week!

02.03.21 English - Write a diary entry from the spider's perspective.

Today we will start our diary entry as the spider from Arghh Spider!

02.03.21 Maths - Develop verbal reasoning skills - addition and subtraction.

To continue our reasoning week, we will develop our verbal reasoning using RUCSAC to solve addition and subtraction problems.

02.03.21 Topic - Art - Use junk modelling to create a minibeast.

Gather your recycling ready for some junk modelling! In today's lesson we will get crafty building our own minibeast.

01.03.21 English - Retell a story.

Today we will continue our work with "Arghh Spider!" to create a plan for our extended write.

01.03.21 Maths - Explore reasoning skills - place value.

Today we will begin to understand what reasoning skills are before we develop our skills in this concept throughout the week.

01.03.21 Topic - Science - Sequence and describe lifecycles of different animals.

Let's explore lifecycles! Get your artistic hats on as you create a diagram of the lifecycle of an animal.