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Week 8 (1 March)

Maths Weds 03.03. Subtract Using Cash

Subtract money using cash; notes and coins. You'll need some coins to work with in this lesson, or you can use the paper printed ones on the bottom of the activity sheet today, or draw/make your own. You'll need a copy of the activity sheet or you can work from the open document. You can record your answers in your catch up book or get someone to check that your work using cash is correct today. Build up your counting on skills using cash and working out money left after spending; we're learning skills for life here, have fun!

English - Wednesday - 03.03.21 - Plan Poem

Today you will be planning your poem.
You will need a thesaurus (either book or website) for this lesson.
This lesson is all about the skeleton of your poem before you add all the extras on Friday. Your plan should have 4 stanzas, for each stanza you should have; one verb (personification for the city), at least 3/4 synonyms for the verb and at least 3/4 objects or buildings. Enjoy, Miss B!

Maths Tues 02.03. Add Money Using 'Make a Pound' Strategy

Add money using ‘make a pound’ strategy. We are looking at adding money where the pence exceeds 100p; so we 'make a pound'. Examples of using coins, bar models and the expanded method are shown today, lots of opportunities to practise maths skills here. You'll need a pencil, ruler and catch up book, with a copy of the activity sheet or the document open to work from. Enjoy the Mario themed maths today; have fun!

English - Tuesday - 02.03.21 - Personification

Today we will be looking at personification in more detail. You will need to have the pictures for this lesson either printed out or on the screen once you have watched the video. You will be writing descriptive sentences that include personification. Enjoy the video and song, Miss B!

PE Dance 02.03. Learn Street Dance Style and Range of Movements. 

For PE this week there are 2 links below for different dances ably demonstrated on YouTube. Watch, join in and learn some of the street style movements, particularly on the Just Dance video. Raise your heartbeats and have some fun!

Maths Mon 01.03. Add Money Part-Whole Model

Skill: Add money with part-whole model. Today we are using part-whole models to partition amounts of money as a strategy for addition. You'll need a pencil and ruler, catch-up book and a print of the activity sheet or use the open document/pause the video for the questions at the end. Have fun with Mario and his buddies today!

English - Monday - 01.03.21 - Features of Free Verse Poem

Today you will be looking at a free verse poem called 'Last Night, I Saw the City Breathing'
It is a fantastic poem with loads of literary techniques. You will then need to identify the features of this poem. If you can print out the poem and identify them using different colours if not just write them down. Enjoy, Miss B.

Science - Monday - 01.03.21 - Forces

Today's lesson is all about the push and pull force. You will need a blank piece of paper and the activity sheet either in front of you in paper form or electronically. This lesson is the start of our new science topic forces so we will be looking at more types of forces throughout this term. Exciting! Enjoy, Miss B.