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Week 7 (22 Feb)

Arithmetic Friday 26th February

Maths Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February English Spy Writing

Our last session of spy writing! I hope you've enjoyed this week. During this session, we will be completing our extended writing. You will need you Home Learning book and writing equipment.

P E Friday 26th February

Arithmetic Thursday 25th February

Maths Thursday 25th February

Thursday 25th February Spy Instructions Drafting

Today we are going to finishing off our planning and beginning to draft our instructions. Are you ready Agent? Grab your Home Learning book and writing equipment!

Art Thursday 25th February

This Art Lesson was meant for Friday, but we have swapped PE and Art around, so apologies it says Friday on the video. I hope you have fun creating. Do look at the extra video I am adding on how to make the environmental paint. Take care, Mrs B

This short clip tells you exactly how to make the paint. Have fun!

Arithmetic Wednesday 24th February

Maths Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 24th February JIGSAW (PSHE)

Time to reflect on our strengths! What makes someone a strong person? What are our personal strengths?
For this lesson you will need: your Home Learning book, writing equipment and a reflective mindset!
Enjoy! :)

Wednesday 24th February English Planning Spy Instructions

For this lesson you will need: your writing equipment, your Home Learning journal and your spy-brain ready to go!
Hope you enjoy!

Arithmetic Tuesday 23rd March

Maths Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday 23rd February English Spy Content

For this lesson you will need: your Home Learning journal and writing equipment.

Tuesday 23rd February Topic History Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain was a military campaign of the Second World War, in which the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy defended the United Kingdom against large-scale attacks by Germany's air force, the Luftwaffe.

Additional Research:

Arithmetic Monday 22nd February

Maths Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February English Instructional Texts

Make notes of the features on instructional texts and then look through an example with Miss D!

Monday 22nd February Shared Reading Ch14 & 15

I hope you enjoy me reading chapters 14 and 15 to you from our AMAZING class book, 'Our Castle By The Sea' by Lucy Strange.
Make notes on what we can learning historically from the author's historical notes and find quotes to match key themes.