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Week 7 (22 Feb)

Maths Fri 26.02. Adding Money

Adding money with £ and p separate. You'll need some coins for this lesson or you can draw/make your own to use, draw notes to use too. No need to record the coins, just use them. Also have a pencil, catch up book and activity sheet or the open documents to work from. We're keeping the pounds and pence separated for now to help us progress further later. Have some Friday fun practising your money counting and adding skills today, happy maths! Mrs Lud :)

English - Friday - 26.02.21 - Clauses

Today's lesson is a SPaG lesson all about clauses and being able to identify them. The work sheet will be on the school website for you use either print out or to copy from. We are also focusing on nouns and verbs as well as correctly punctuating a sentence, as we really need to nail these!

Art - Friday - 26.02.21 - Graffiti

Today's lesson is all about graffiti and it's origins... is it vandalism or art? You will need card, paper, sponge, paint, scissors and if needed cellotape. If you do not have any paint you can use felt pens or pencil. Make sure to cover any areas you don't want to get paint on. Enjoy!

Maths Thurs 25.02. Show Amounts of Money

Show amounts of money. For this lesson you'll need a pencil, 2 coloured pencils, ruler, catch-up book and a print of the activity sheet, or access to it. We are using our knowledge of coins and numbers to show amounts of money today, showing the same values using different combinations of coins. We'll be drawing simple pictures for coins and their values. Enjoy your maths today year 3's.

English - Thursday - 25.02.21 - Draft a leaflet

Skill: Draft an information leaflet.
Today's lesson is all about using the information and plan to create a fantastic leaflet all about Folkestone and what it has to offer. I have a WAGOLL for you all to look at, so you know how to lay it out and fold the the paper to make a leaflet. You will need a plain piece of paper, lined paper, pictures, scissors and glue. Enjoy, Miss B.

PSHE Thurs 25.02. Goal Garden Design

Break down a goal into a number of steps and know how others could help me to achieve it. Introducing our new, exciting and creative project to design a garden for people who have challenges in their lives. We are starting work on our plan for the design this week and, as this project will be ongoing, our plans will be used next week too. You'll need a pencil, ruler, some coloured pencils, squared paper (activity sheet) for your plan and catch-up book. It's time to use our amazing creativity, think of the needs of others and work towards our goals. Have fun creating your designs Green and Emerald!

Maths Weds 24.02. Add Money with Exchange

Adding money including exchange 100p to £1. In today's maths lesson we are learning to find and group coins that add to 100p or more and change them to a pound. Examples showing the exchange are given to help. Counting on verbally remains a key skill for this work. You'll need pencil, ruler, catch-up book and a print of the activity sheet or work from the open document or pause the video at the end for the questions. Happy maths year 3!

English - Wednesday - 24.02.21 - Plan Leaflet

Skill: Plan a leaflet.
Today's lesson is all about using your information you gathered yesterday to map out your information tomorrow. You will need to choose three main activities that you will be including in your leaflet. Using sub-headings to map out the different sections for your plan will really help and I give an example of how it should look. Enjoy, Miss B.

Geography Weds 24.02. UK Countries and Cities

Name and locate countries and cities in the UK. In this lesson we'll focus on the geographical global position of the UK and the four countries that make up the UK, along with names and positions of the capital cities. You'll need a pencil, catch-up book and, ideally a print of the map to complete and access to the research version of the map to help find the names of the locations. If you aren't able to print, have a go at drawing a UK map and use it to find and label the capital cities. Using a map is a super skill, lets work hard on our maps today!

Maths Tues 23.02. Naming Amounts of Money

Naming amounts of money. Learning to total amounts of money using counting on verbally. 'Be proud, out loud!' For today's maths you'll need a small selection of coins for ordering, a pencil, ruler, catch-up book and a print of the activity sheet or use the open document. Please excuse the interruptions from Mrs Lud's 2 dogs who began a raucous playtime towards the end of the video. How naughty!

English - Tuesday - 23.02.21 - Research Folkestone

Skill: Explore local attractions and activities.
Apologies for the lighting, it will be the same for the next couple of videos, I made a few on the same day, I don't just wear the same clothes!
Today's lesson is all about finding out more about Folkestone. There are three main links I have found that give us brilliant information about Folkestone and these will be available on the school website. Take notes as you will need these for your plan and extended write (leaflet creation).
Enjoy, Miss B.

PE - Dance Tues 23.02. Explore Movements in a Contemporary Dance 'Happy'

Explore the range of movements in a contemporary dance. This video accompanies the link on the school website to Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' music video. Pharrell's loose and relaxed contemporary dance style is discussed here alongside the features he uses to enhance his dance; mime and use of props. Then play the video and have fun; clap and dance along with Pharrell in our PE this week. Be happy!

Maths Mon 22.02. Value of Coins and Notes

Know the value of coins and notes. For our first lesson this term, you'll need a pencil, catch-up book, scissors and glue, a copy of the cash activity sheet would be useful or, alternatively,a copy of the open document to work from. Draw in your place value counters so you know the amount in pence too. Play a game with a partner and some mixed coins to practise adding simple amounts of cash. Have fun!

English - Monday - 22.02.21 - Key Features of a Leaflet

Skill: Identify key features of a leaflet.
Today's lesson is about looking at different leaflets and identifying the key features they include. Hopefully you were able to collect some leaflets from different shops, if you haven't been able too don't worry I have attached some images of leaflets underneath this video. Enjoy, Miss B.

Leaflet Images

Science - Monday - 22.02.21- Shadows

APOLOGIES for the beeps, it does stop after a while.
Skill: Investigate how shadows change size.
Today you will be carrying out an investigation, you will need a torch, ruler, lego/card and an investigation sheet (you can write this out in your book if you do not have a printer). This lesson will hopefully help you understand the relationship between the distance of a light source and an object have on a shadow. Enjoy!