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Week 7 (22 Feb)

26.02.21 English - Create a story map.

Today we will be ordering the events in the story 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider!' and creating a story map. We will then add time conjunctions to each part of our story map.

26.02.21 Maths - Compare and order length.

Today we will be thinking about how we measure the length of an item and comparing and ordering length.

26.02.21 Topic - PE - Identifying different movements.

Today we will be identifying the five different types of movement we use when we dance. We will then match the movement to the movement type.

25.02.21 English - Create an alternative event.

Today we will be creating an alternative event for the story. We will include this event in our diary entry next week

25.02.21 Maths - Compare and order weights.

Today we are going to be comparing weight using the greater than, less than and equal to symbol. We will then order weights.

25.02.21 Topic - History - Create a nature documentary.

Today we will be learning about the life of David Attenborough and creating a documentary about our favourite animal.

25.02.21 Topic - History - Story about David Attenborough.

Listen to Miss D read a story about the life of Sir David Attenborough.

24.02.21 English - Consider a character's thoughts and feelings.

Today we will be considering how the main character's felt in different situations from the story and we will be writing thought bubbles as those characters.

24.02.21 Maths - Estimating measure.

Today we will be learning what estimating means and we will be estimating the length, weight and capacity of different items.

24.02.21 Topic - Music - Use your voice expressively.

Today we are going to use different voices and then use our voices expressively to read a poem.

23.02.21 Reading Book Support and Activities

23.02.21 English - Describe objects using adjectives.

Today we are going to be imagining we are the main character from our story, the spider. We will draw a room from the perspective of a spider on the ceiling. Then, we will describe three of the objects in our drawing from the spider's perspective.

23.02.21 English - Story 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider!'.

Today Miss D will be reading the story 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider' to you. We will be using this story as the basis for our English lessons for the next two weeks. ...

23.02.21 Maths - Identify the correct unit of measure.

Today we are going to be learning about units of measure and will be thinking about which unit of measure we would use for different items.

23.02.21 Topic - Art - Make a collage inspired by 'The Snail'.

Today we are going to be learning about Henri Matisse and exploring some of his famous paintings and collages. We will then create our own minibeast collage inspired by 'The Snail' by Henri Matisse.

22.02.21 English - Identify the features of a diary entry.

Today we will be learning about the features of a diary entry. We will then be creating and sharing a presentation about the features of a diary entry.

21.02.21 Maths - Identify different types of measurement.

Today we start our new concept for our new term; measure! We will start by exploring four different types of measurement.

22.02.21 Topic - Science - Label the parts of an insect.

Today we are going to be learning all about the different parts of an insect, labelling an insect and then designing our own minibeast.