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Term 4 Week 1 (22 Feb)

Friday 26th Feb 2021- PE

Today we are going to do 2 x Joe Wicks school workouts. Let's keep active and keep our hearts and bodies healthy!

Friday 26th Feb 2021- Maths

Today we will be comparing and ordering numbers to 50. Have your whiteboard and pen or piece of paper and pencil ready for the lesson and your hundred square to help. There will be a sheet available on the website for afterwards.

Friday 26th Feb 2021- English

We will consider which adjectives to use for each part of our story map today. Add these to your story map or on a separate piece of paper. :)

Friday 26th Feb 2021 Phonics

Today we will be reading words and sentences with both the wh and ph phonemes. There is a sheet for afterwards on the website to read the questions and answer yes/no. This doesn't need to be printed, you could just read the questions on the screen.

Thursday 25th Feb 2021- History

Today in history, we will be learning about a famous paleontologist called Mary Anning. Listen carefully to the video as there will be questions to think about at the end of the video. As a challenge, you could have a go at writing your answers down in your homeschool book.

Thursday 25th Feb 2021 Maths

Today we will be comparing numbers to 50. Be ready to pause the video and compare the groups of objects throughout the lesson. There is a sheet to complete afterwards on the website.

Thursday 25th Feb 2021- English Story Map

We will recap the events from part of our story: Katy and the Dinosaurs. We will then create a story map together. Can you create your own story map and retell the events? Remember to use those time connectives and adjectives. :)

Thursday 25th Feb 2021- Phonics

Today we will be learning the 'ph' sound. We will practise reading 'ph' words during the lesson. If you would like to continue your learning afterwards, there is a ph phoneme spotter postcard on the website. Read the postcard with an adult and highlight any words you can hear or spot with the ph sound.

Wednesday 24th Feb 2021- RE

Today in RE we will be learning the Lord's Prayer. We will be learning the meaning of each line in the prayer and your task will be to illustrate it. The Lord's Prayer will be available on the website or you can just draw your pictures straight into your homeschool book.

Wednesday 24th Feb 2021 - Maths

Today we will be counting with numbers up to 50 using tens and ones. There will be a tens frame sheet available on the website for you to use during the lesson (or you can easily draw a tens frame- I show you how during the video). The activity for afterwards will be to play a tens frame game on the topmarks website. The link and QR code will be available on the video and on the website.

Wednesday 24th Feb 2021- English Acting the Story

Listen to part of our story, Katie and the dinosaurs. Then get some props ready to act out these events. Use the storyboard to help you narrate the story. Can you use adjectives to describe the Hadrosaur / hill / jungle?

Wednesday 24th Feb 2021- Phonics

Today we will practise writing words with the new 'wh' phoneme we learnt yesterday. You will need your homeschool book ready to write in and your sound mat to help. There will also be a chilli challenge for after the lesson if you would like to have a go? It will be available on the website and it is to practise reading sentences which include the 'wh' phoneme. This doesn't need to be printed, as the sentences can be read on the screen.

Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021- Science classifying animals

What is your favourite animal? Did you know vertebrates can be classified into 5 main groups? Watch our video to learn more and find out which animals belong to which group

Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021- Maths

Today we will be writing more missing numbers to 50. There will be a worksheet on the website, or you can just write the missing numbers straight into your maths book.

Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021- English

We will draw a setting from Katie and the Dinosaurs. We will then label the setting with key words and adjectives.

Tuesday 23rd February 2021 Phonics

Today we will be learning the 'wh' sound. We will focus on reading 'wh' words today. There will be a chilli challenge to choose a 'wh' word and write a sentence using that word if you would like to do it.

Monday 22.2.21- Space competition winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part. I wish I had prizes for you all! Here I announce our two lucky winners and everyone who took part will receive a special...

Monday 22nd Feb 2021- Art Paul Klee Squiggle

We will learn about Paul Klee and use his work to inspire our own art throughout this term. Today we will be experimenting with colour to create our own abstract images.

Monday 22nd Feb 2021- Maths

This week we will be learning to count to 50. This is trickier than it sounds! Today we will counting to 50 forwards and back, we will be thinking about how to count out large groups of objects quickly up to 50,and looking at patterns on our hundred square to help us count and add up to 50. Your challenge today is to find the missing numbers on the number tracks by counting forwards/back. This sheet will be available on the school website, or if you are unable to print, an adult can write the numbers into your blue homeschool, leaving gaps, for you to fill in the missing numbers.

Monday 22nd Feb 2021- English

Let's go back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. We will imagine what we can see, hear, feel and smell? We will then create a mind map to refer to throughout our English lessons this week.

Monday 22nd Feb 2021- Katie and the Dinosaurs- Storytime

Listen to our story this week: Katie and the Dinosaurs by James Mayhew.

Monday 22nd February 2021- Phonics

Today we will focus on recap and revision of all of those phase 5 sounds that we learnt last term. You will be reading and spelling words during the lesson, so have your homeschool book ready.