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Week 6 (8 Feb)

English Fri 12.02. Queens Orang-utan

This reading is with permission of the author David Walliams and Collins, HarperCollins Children's Books. Mrs Lud reads the story, sit back, listen and enjoy! This video accompanies 'English Fri 12.02 Read Humour'. Once you have watched both, complete a book review. Happy watching and listening today, year 3, have fun! Mrs L x

English Fri 12.02. Reading Humour

Listen to and recognise that humour has a purpose for readers. A reading for enjoyment lesson here! There are 2 videos for today's lesson. See Queen's Orang-utan Video - a reading of the book by David Walliams, read to you by Mrs L. You will need a pencil and copy of the book review sheet to complete after both videos. Alternatively pause the video or work from the open document on the school's website. Some relevant quotes from an author included - fun is essential and key to humans!

Maths Fri 12.02. Measurement Word Problems

Solve measurement word problems for mass, length and capacity. Use your smashing skills developed this term for a measuring problems finale! You'll need a pencil catch up book and sheet of questions printed, or work from the open document or pause the video at the end. Happy maths today year 3, and have a super break next week. Fun times!

Art - Friday - 12.02.21 - Greek Mosaic

Skill: Understand and design a mosaic.
Your last lesson of the term!!
Get creative with this lesson and design your own Greek Mosaic using small squares of paper. You will need coloured paper, scissors and glue for this lesson. Enjoy!

English Thurs 11.02. Write a Positive Message to Zeus.

Draft a persuasive and positive message. We have been working hard on our versions of Pandora's Box, preparing messages of hope and kindness to present to Zeus. We'll write our final message to outline the contents of the box and the meanings. With this information Zeus surely will heap goodwill back on us! You'll need your resources to go into the box from earlier in the week. Print out or work from the document using a pencil and then pop the message, with the other bits and pieces you have worked on this week, into the box. Then it's time to be creative and prepare your box, cover, paint, decorate and prepare to present to Zeus! Have fun today with this, Mrs L.

Maths Thurs 11.02. Investigate Ways to Make 1l.

Investigate ways to make 1 litre. Following on from our word problem solving this week we are investigating different ways to make 1l beginning to use a systematic approach to problem solving. By using a system to find and record solutions, you can be confident that you have explored all possibilities which is needed with some problems.You'll need a pencil and catch up book, complete the investigations, either print out or work from the document or video. To finish, have a look at the link to 'Water Jug Riddle' the first 1m 30 seconds explains the problem, have a go and, watch the rest to find a solution (there are other ways). Happy investigating year 3's.

RE Thurs 11.02. What the Bible Teaches Christians About God.

Understand what the Bible Teaches Christians About God. This lesson explores God and the different names used for him in the bible. There's a whistle stop tour of bible storie and you'll find the importance of Jesus in the stories there. You'll explore those and more and produce a list poem with ideas on how God is differently shown. You'll need a pencil and catch up book to record your ideas and final list poem. Please pause the video to write the date and skill. Jot down 5 names for Jesus; when asked to on the video as this will help lots when you come to writing your final poem - you'll have ideas ready to use!

English Weds 10.02 Plan Describe Pandora's Box

Plan and describe content for Pandora’s Box. This lesson will be extending our ideas from yesterday and creating a plan for the box to be given to Zeus on Friday. Generate 'offerings' for inside the box including all good things that mean something to us. You'll need a pencil and colouring pencils/felt tipped pens and a box ready for tomorrow. Stick your plan in but leave the 'good things' so these can be put in the box. Use a printed sheet or open the document or record on separate paper. Let's get our good things ready for Zeus!

Maths Weds 10. 02. Volume Word Problems Multiply and Divide

Solve word problems relating to volume using multiplication and division. For this lesson we'll also be practising our skills - bar modelling, multiplication grids and division using a number line. You will need a pencil and ruler, catch up book, glue and an activity sheet from the school's website. Alternatively you can open the document or pause the video at the end for the questions. Lets use our super skills today!

History Weds 10. 02. Ancient Greek Theatre

Understand the importance of theatre in ancient Greece. We are finding out about how theatre has an influence on our entertainment, even now. Huge crowds went to the theatre in ancient Greece - up to 15,000 people for a play! You'll need a pencil, colouring pencils, catch-up book, copy of the questions and access to the reading text from the school's website, printed or use the open document. Design your own mask showing an expression too. Let's do it thespians!

English Tues 09. 02. Pandora Generate Ideas

Generate basic ideas for the contents of Pandora’s Box. You'll need a pencil, some coloured pencils, catch up book, glue and a small box ready, with bits and bobs to decorate it, for later in the week. A print out of the activity sheet would be useful but not essential, work from the open document or pause the video. Get ready to be creative with ideas and resources in English this week. Would you open Pandora's box? Think about and talk through this dilemma today. Its a tricky one, the happiness of the world may depend on it! My apologies for computer lift off sounds and noisy pets having playtime on the video today, Mrs L x

Maths Tues 09.02. Volume Word Problems

Solve volume word problems. We are beginning to find those bar models useful for problem solving as well as the helpful 'RUCSAC' for word problems. These are useful skills as we develop further into solving some two-step problems, using what we work out for another step. Clever stuff! You'll need a pencil and catch up book and a print of the questions for today's lesson. Alternatively you can work from the open document or pause the video; questions at the end. Lets get solving year 3! Mrs L

PE - Tuesday - 09.02.21 - Olympian Fact file

PLEASE READ!! Unfortunately the first video didn't upload due to copyright issues, I have now cut those videos out and will leave the links for those videos on the school website.
Today you will need to do some research on an Olympian of your choice, please use a safe search engine like Kiddle to do it. Then you will be writing out a fact file with the information you have found. You can do some Just Dance also to get yourself moving. Enjoy!

English Monday 08.02. Pandora's Box Reading

This is a reading of the book Pandora and The Mystery Box read by Mrs Lud. It accompanies the other video that has an overview of our final week's work on our Gods and Mortals topic and questions that relate to this video (also a document to download for these). My apologies for the two loud scratchy sounds to start with, the power cable got caught up, Mrs L.

English 08.02. Pandora's Box Introduction and Questions

Read and understand the myth of Pandora's box. This accompanies the second video today which is a reading of the myth of Pandora's box. You'll need a pencil and catch up book. So that you really understand the story, there questions for you to answer in the document, or use the video to pause for them at the end or print them out. It is our last my together, its a good one too!

Maths 08.02. Word Problems Volume

Solve basic word problems related to volume. You'll need a pencil and a colouring pencil, ruler and catch up book and glue for this lesson. Use RUCSAC; read, understand, calculate, solve, answer, check method as well as drawing bar models to help fully understand which calculation to use. Lets read them carefully and develop our super skills in bar modelling today!

Science - Monday - 08.02.21 - Quiz

Today's lesson is a QUIZ! Yippee!
Just a short quiz on your learning over the past term and of course gives you more time to create those fantastic sunglasses for the Minotaur.
Last Science lesson of the term! Well done and enjoy the quiz.