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Week 6 (8 Feb)


To celebrate the end of term, and in preparation for Shrove Tuesday, enjoy this cook-along with the Year 2 team!
You will need;
100g plain flour,
300ml of milk,
2 eggs,
a pinch of salt,
and of course, your choice of toppings!.

12.02.21 English - Improve a text using adverbs.

To finish the week, we will discover what adverbs are and how we can use them to improve our writing!

12.02.21 Maths - Order fractions with the same denominator.

In this lesson we will use our skills from yesterday's lesson to order fractions.

12.02.21 Topic - PSHE - Share success with other people.

Today we will discuss what it feels like to share success with other people in a group or our class.

11.02.21 English - Draft a set of instructions using bossy verbs.

Today we will write our instructions for our dance routine that we created this week.

11.02.21 Maths - Compare fractions with the same denominator.

Today we will use the great than, less than and equal to signs to compare fractions.

11.02.21 Topic - History - Write questions to create a quiz.

In this lesson we will use our knowledge of Pele to create a quiz!

10.02.21 English - Make a routine of movements to create a physical plan.

In this lesson, we will get out dancing shoes on and create a short routine to write about tomorrow.

10.02.21 Maths - Apply your knowledge of fractions to create a pizza.

Today we will create our own pizzas using our fractions knowledge.

10.02.21 Topic - Computing - Design and play a game using code.

In this lesson we will use our understanding of code and algorithms to create a game!

09.02.21 English - Explore a range of styles through online resources.

Today, we will explore a range of dance styles to refer back to when choreographing our own routine.

09.02.21 Maths - Use division to calculate fractions of a number.

Today we will continue with fractions to find a fraction of a number.

09.02.21 Topic - Art - Draw a shadow using a sculpture.

In this lesson we will create a sculpture to draw a silhouette with. You will need tin foil for this lesson!

08.02.21 - Story Time -The Worrysaurus

Here is a little video, just for fun! Today, Miss D will be reading the story 'The Worrysaurus' by Rachel Bright. We hope you enjoy listening.

08.02.21 English - Identify features of a set of instructions.

This lesson will start off this week's concept, instructions! We will identify features of a set of instructions.

08.02.21 Maths - Recognise and make thirds.

Today we will continue our work with fractions to recognise and make thirds.

08.02.21 Topic - Science - Measure your pulse before and after an activity.

To conclude this term's topic, we will investigate how exercise changes our pulse rate and use a table to record our findings.