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Term 3 Week 5 (1 Feb)

Friday 5th Feb 2021- Song Time!

This afternoon we will listen to some space songs and learn some facts at the same time too :-)

Friday 5th Feb 2021- Story Time!

Today we will enjoy a non-fiction book about space.

Friday 5th Feb 2021- Maths

Today we will finish the week by playing an addition and subtraction quiz. You will need your blue maths book ready, a pencil and your numberline or some counters to help you. You will be completing your maths work during the video today, so be ready to pause after each question. There is a lego addition/subtraction game on the website for afterwards if you would like an additional challenge, and a link to a website to practise your addition and subtraction.

Friday 5th Feb 2021- English

Enjoy presenting your fact files to an audience today. :)

Friday 5th Feb 2021- Phonics

Today we will practise reading words with the sounds 'oy' and 'ir. We will finish with a game of 'real' and 'alien' words. Well done everyone! You are doing so well with your phase 5 sounds!

Thursday 4th Feb - Art

Today we will be creating some planets using bubble art! You will need paper, paints, water, washing up liquid, a straw and some cups. Have fun!

Thursday 4th Feb 2021- Maths

Today we will be completing some more subtraction work. Have your blue home school books ready and a number line. There are extra subtraction challenge sheets on the website if you would like them, but we will be completing our main work during the video.

Thursday 4th Feb 2021- English

Use your mind map to create a fact file of your chosen planet.

Thursday 4th Feb 2021- Phonics

Today we are continuing with the 'ir' sound. We will be practising to spell words using this sound. There is a sheet on the website, but if you don't have a printer, you could ask your child to write the words straight into their home school book

Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021 Reading comprehension

Today we will read an extra from 'Here we Are' By Oliver Jeffers. We will then play a fun quiz with some reading comprehension questions. No work books neede...

Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021- letter formation

Today we will practise our tall letters- l, i and t. You will need your orange homeschool book and a pencil ready.

Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021- Maths

Today we will be working on subtraction. You will need your numberline again. There questions during the video to work on in your homeschool book, and there ...

Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021- English Planet Mind Map

Choose a planet you would like to find out about. Can you create a mind map for your planet?

Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021- Phonics

Today we are learning the 'ir' sound. We are going to practise reading words and sentences with our new sound and for your independent task, you can have a g...

Tuesday 2nd Feb 2021- Year 1 Alien Stories

Enjoy listening to our amazing stories from Amber Class today. Today we have Bhusha's Scary Journey, Violet's Adventure, Odee and the Bad Alien, Isla, and a ...

Tuesday 2nd Feb 2021- Rainbow challenge

Today we have got a very special challenge for you. Your task is to create a rainbow piece of art work. You can do this in whatever way you choose. There are...

Tuesday 2nd Feb 2021- Maths

Today we are going to be continuing with adding. Have your blue maths homeschool book ready as we are going to be doing our addition work together throughout...

Tuesday 2nd Feb 2021- English Non Fiction Features Part 2

In part 2 of our English lesson today, we will be recording the key features of a non-fiction text as a mind-map.

Tuesday 2nd Feb 2021- English Non Fiction Features Part 1

In Part 1 of our English today, we will be learning about the features of a non-fiction text. In part 2, we will be creating a mind map to show what we've le...

Tuesday 2nd Feb 2021- Phonics

Today we will be reading and spelling words with our new 'oy' phoneme. Make sure you have your home school book and a pencil and be ready to pause, as we ar...

Monday 1st Feb 2021- Story Time! Year 1 Alien Stories

We have loved reading all your alien stories Year Ones. You are such talented Authors! Today we have three more stories to listen to. Slimy Power, The Stinky...

Monday 1st Feb 2021- RE

Today we are learning about Jesus' parable- The Lost Son.

Monday 1st Feb 2021- Maths

Today we are focusing on addition. Our alien is feeling very hungry and needs your wonderful addition skills to help feed him! There will be some addition nu...

Monday 1st Feb 2021- Book of the week!

Welcome to story time! This week we are reading a non-fiction book about space. Enjoy learning some fascinating facts about our Solar System and the planets.

Monday 1st February 2021- English

Join in with our quiz. Can you identify which of the books are fiction or non-fiction?

Monday 1st feb 2021- Phonics

Today we are learning the 'oy' sound and three new tricky words. First we will have a go at reading some 'oy' words, then we will see what Geraldine Giraffe ...