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Week 5 (1 Feb)

English Fri 05.02. Read for Enjoyment Book Review

Review and read a book for enjoyment. Its time to reflect on your favourite books and authors. Check out Mrs Lud's current lockdown book pile at home - what a mixture! You will need to play the video Annoying Elephant - a reading of the book and have a pencil and book review sheet for filling in after both videos. Finally find a calm space and grab a favourite book for some 'chill out' book reading time today. Escape to a book!

English Fri 05.02. Reading of The Slightly Annoying Elephant

Book reading is with permission from the publishers Collins/Collins Harper Children's Books and the Author. This lesson is to review and read a book for enjoyment. This is the 'read' part of today's work. Listen and watch a reading of David Walliams book; The Slightly Annoying Elephant. The second English video accompanies this reading.

Maths Fri 05.02. Recall Times Tables

Recall and use multiplication facts. In this lesson,you'll need a pencil, catch up book, dice or playing cards and counters (buttons/coins will be fine) and glue. Choose your challenge sheet Step 1 Cool, Step 2 Spicy, Step 3 Hot - just complete one; you don't need to do them all! Work from the printed sheet or the open document from the school's website today. Find out which ones you are not fast and fluent with and practise those. There are activity games sheets to work on, as well as links to tried and tested online times tables games. You could be creative and make you own ways to remember them too!

Art - Friday - 05.02.21 - Minotaur

Use charcoal to create different tones
Today's lesson is all about looking at lines, shape and shading. This is a great lesson to be creative and whacky, my favourite! You will need charcoal or if you don't have that a pencil will be just fine. I look forward to seeing your superb creations so don't hesitate to send them to me, it always puts a smile on my face. Enjoy!

English Thurs 04.02. Write the Legend of the Minotaur

Draft the legend of the Minotaur. We are now ready to write our fabulous Minotaur legends. You can just refer to the document on the website today rather than printing out as it is really just the skill heading with writing challenges which are detailed in the video. Please write a title for your work and have a really good go at writing quietly for a longer stretch of uninterrupted time today (suggest minimum 20 minutes). You'll need a pencil and catch up book and your plan from yesterday. You can also look back at your settings and character descriptions and include them in your legend to excite your reader. Do your best work, time to get those time conjunctions in! Happy writing, our lovely Green and Emerald Classes. ;)

Maths Thurs 04.02. Measure Larger Capacity

Measure larger capacity in litres and millilitres. Today we learn that usually for volume and capacity amounts over 1000 ml, we use the values in a mix of units - litres and millilitres rather than millilitres alone. You'll need a pencil, catch up book and glue for the lesson. A print of the activity from the school's website would help to work on or you can use the open document. The activity is relatively short so you might take some time to practise practical measuring skills; particularly with quantities over 1000 ml. You might update those time table skills with a quick fire quiz or step counting up in multiples. Happy maths today, it's little Friday!

PSHE Thurs 04.02. Dreams and Ambitions

Identify a dream/ambition that is important to me and how it will feel to achieve it. It's time to relax and calm a little today with a PSHE lesson with Mrs Armstrong. You'll need a pencil and some coloured pencils, catch up book and glue. A copy of the activity sheet would be useful or you could draw your own large petalled flower to use, open the document for the example. Writing down an ambition or dream can be a great step towards success.

English 03.02. Supporting Video - A Reading of the Legend of the Minotaur

Watch and listen to the Legend of the Minotaur. Mrs L reads this to support the sequence and understanding of the legend. Sit back and enjoy this epic legend as it's read to you!

English Weds 03.02. Minotaur Legend Plan

Plan the Legend of the Minotaur using a long story mountain. You'll need a pencil, catch up book, scissors and glue to make the long plan. A print of the planning sheet would be useful, not essential, use the open document or pause the video to see how to set up. Mrs L shows you one already made to help (although it isn't the best quality, I hope it is a handy guide), plus there is a Cool Challenge version with very brief notes to use for drawing the sequence and improvement. A separate video reading of the legend is also available to support the story.

Maths Weds 03.02. Compare Volume to 1l.

Compare volume to 1 litre. We're using our problem solving skills and bar models to help understand and solve the questions today. These can help to visualize the problem and judge which type of calculation to use. You'll need a pencil, ruler, catch up book, glue. Printing the activity sheet or using the open the activity sheet is probably best today as the size of the scale on the video as large as possible. Reading and understanding the questions is really key today. Go for it our super Green and Emerald classes!

History Weds 03. 02. The Olympic Games

Explore the origins of the modern Olympic games. Lets go back in time to the original Olympics at Mount Olympus, just one day and a running race! You'll need a pencil, some colouring pencils, catch up book and glue. Also a print out of the task sheet; or work from the open task sheet in the school's website. Choose to record 4 original Olympic sports with your drawings, labels and written facts to compare the sports then, with now. Then add some super facts about the history or differences in the games from now. There is also a link to a related BBC website page which has some good information to support the task. Happy history year 3's!

English Tues 02.02. Sequence and Character Description

Sequence and write character descriptions for the legend of the Minotaur. You'll need a pencil, scissors, glue, catch up book and a print out would be best however not essential. If not printing it would be easier to use the open document than the video today. We'll be using labelled pictures to help with sequencing, practising using time conjunctions and writing character descriptions. Please excuse my 'lively' dogs who started playtime (tap-dancing on floor) at the start of the video! Mrs Lud x

Additional Practical Maths - Tues 02.02. How to Make a Measuring Bottle

Make a measuring bottle using a small 100ml bottle/100ml measure, a larger empty plastic bottle, water, permanent marker pen, funnel (optional) . Mrs Lud shows you how to make a 500ml measuring bottle and use it to find the capacity of other plastic containers. Remember capacity is the total amount a container or bottle can contain. Are you going to make one too?

Maths Tues 02.02. Find Capacity of Containers

Find the capacity of containers. We have been learning the difference between capacity and volume and are finding the capacity of a selection of containers in this lesson. There's a separate video on practical maths today - how to make and use a measuring bottle to measure the capacity of containers. Try it at home! For our lesson here, you'll need pencil, ruler, catch up book and glue, with copy of the activity sheet, or use an open document, or pause the video at the end for the questions. Keep working hard Green and Emerald you are doing so well!

PE - Tuesday - 02.02.21 - Aerobics 5

Week 5 PE lesson will be focusing on conditioning. Using household items as weights and a good way to let off steam.
Please pause the video so you can carry out the exercises for the correct amount of reps as this will help get the heart-rate up and keep you active for longer.
Enjoy! Miss B and Miss Squire

English Mon 01.02. Theseus and Minotaur Legend Features

Identify the features of a legend. We have reached a legend of danger, love, threat, bravery, deceit and tragedy in our topic this term! Read and find the features of the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur. You'll need a pencil and some coloured pencils and a ruler, catch up book and glue. Copy of the text and features checklist would be good but not essential, the checklist is on the video with the opening part of legend too. Or work from the open document. Find the features and underline them in the text to match the colour of your checklist. There will be a reading of the complete book with pictures to help you become familiar with the story, will try and upload by the end of Monday. Enjoy the legend! Mrs L.

Maths Mon 01.02. Measure Volume in l and ml.

Measure volume in l and ml. We are practising our skills reading marked and unmarked scales accurately today for volume. You'll need a pencil, ruler, catch up book and glue, with a copy of the activity sheet if you can print. Or you can use the open document or pause the video as the questions are near the end. Happy maths today, lets get those skills up! Happy Monday Maths :) Mrs L

Science - Monday - 01.02.21 - Sun Safety

Skill: Understand that the light from the sun can be dangerous.
Today's lesson is all about sun safety and how dangerous the sun can be. You will need a mirror during the video and if you want to use the template for the sunglasses that will be on the school website.
ATTENTION! You are only designing your sunglasses today not making them, that is for next week. You will also need a plain A4 paper for your poster.
Enjoy the lesson!