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Week 5 (1 Feb)

05.02.21 English - Improve a text using expression.

Today we are going to explore the importance of using expression and use expression to improve a text.

05.02.21 Maths - Finding quarters of a number.

Today we are going to learn how to find one quarter, two quarters and three quarters of a given number.

05.02.21 Topic - Jigsaw - Perseverance.

Today we are going to be learning all about perseverance and think about the steps we need to take to achieve a goal.

04.02.21 English - Make a comic strip.

Today you are going to be creating your comic strip for your trailer.

04.02.21 Maths - Recognise quarters of shapes.

Today we are going to be exploring quarters of shapes.

04.02.21 Topic - History - Pelé Facts

Today we are going to be using a range of sources to learn about Pelé so that we can write a quiz about his life next week.

03.02.21 Send a Card to a Friend Day.

We thought to celebrate 'Send a Card to a Friend Day', it would be lovely to send a 'virtual' card that you have made to our class over Discord. Please watch the video for details and we hope you have fun getting creative!

03.02.21 English - Use acting to plan a trailer.

Today we are going to answer a variety of questions to help us plan our trailer and then we will create puppets to develop our ideas for our trailer.

03.02.21 Maths - Finding half of a number.

Today you are going to learn how to use sharing circles to find half of a given number.

03.02.21 Topic - Computing - Debugging an algorithm.

Today you are going to debug an algorithm to make your way successfully through a maze.

02.02.21 English - Identifying features of a trailer.

Today we will be watching a variety of film trailers and rating five key features out of 10.

02.02.21 Maths - Identify and make one half.

Today we are going to identify and make one half of a shape.

02.02.21 Topic - DT - Create and evaluate a moving picture.

Today you will be constructing and evaluating your moving picture.

01.02.21 English - Improve a text using the -est suffix.

Today, we will explore the -est suffix and develop our understanding through a variety of activities.

01.02.21 Maths - Recognise and make equal parts.

Today we will move onto our new concept, fractions! To start, we will explore the the relationship between the whole and equal parts.

01.02.21 Topic - Science - Identify ways to stay clean.

In this lesson, we will investigate different ways to keep ourselves, and others, clean.