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Week 4 (25 Jan)

Friday 29th January Arithmetic

Friday 29th January Art Motion

For this lesson you will need: a pencil, a rubber, a ruler, plain paper and access to youtube.
Enjoy my wonderful #teamYear6!

Friday 29th January Maths Angles

This lesson is mainly guided practices so make sure you have your pencil at the ready!
You will need: a Home Learning book, a pencil, a rubber and a ruler.
Have a lovely FriYAY!

Please open this for today's English lesson. You will be watching various speeches and analysing them.

English Friday 29th January

Thursday 28th Maths Angles in Triangles

P E Thursday 28th January

English Thursday 28th January

Wednesday 27th January Music

Wednesday 27th January Maths Angles

English Wednesday 27th January

Topic Tuesday 26th January

English Tuesday 26th January

Maths 2d shape Tuesday 26th January

English Monday 25th January

Maths 2d shapes Monday 25th January