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Week 4 (25 Jan)

English Fri 29.01. Use Prepositions

Use prepositions for time and clause. A pencil, catch up book and glue will be needed with the activity sheet. You can use the open document to access the questions if you aren't able to print. You'll be able to find prepositional phrases in sentences and use cause and time prepositions in sentences by the end of the lesson. Happy days! Have a smashing weekend Year 3.

Maths Fri 29.01. Measure Volume 100ml Intervals

Measure volume in 100ml intervals. Learn the difference between volume and capacity before finding the volume of some real life examples. You'll need a pencil, catch up book and glue for this lesson. You can print or work from the activity document or pause the video for the questions at the end. Last maths lesson this week, we are continuing with volume next week too. Percy the Podengo makes a sleepy appearance for his maths too! Happy learning year 3.

Art - Friday - 29.01.21 - Greek Vase

Create an authentic Greek Vase.
Your lesson today is all about how important Greek vases were and how they were made. I had a few problems with technology whilst filming this, so I do apologise for my forgetfulness, guilty! This is a great lesson and an excuse to get a little messy with tea or coffee.
The vas outline will be available on the school website if you wanted to use it. Enjoy!

English Thurs 28.01. Write the 13th Labour of Hercules

Draft a myth of the 13th Labour of Hercules. Include your mythical beast from last week in a final task for Hercules to battle with, steal from or cheat! Tips to improve your writing are included in the video, also use the Writing Checklist to help. Print or use the checklist/pause the video for these. You'll need a pencil, catch-up book and glue if printing. Hope you enjoy writing this today, try and use your prepositions and time conjunctions for smashing work, go for it!

WAGOLL BELOW - 'What a good one looks like'. I've added the document below  so that you can read a complete example of a 13th Labour of Hercules. It was written by Mrs Lud using tips included in today's teaching video. Hope it is useful and that you enjoy it, Mrs L :)

Maths Thurs 28.01. Measure Volume in ml

Measuring volume in millilitres (ml). In other times we would be sploshing about with water and 100ml beakers in class, but we'll do this with pictorials today. There is an additional activity for you to do - some practical maths - outlined near the end of the video, measure liquids in containers. First search out equipment to use for measuring 'smaller' volumes.Please ask permission first! You'll need the usual pencil, ruler, catchup book and worksheet to complete the picture tasks first. As this task is using 10 x table facts today, it's appropriate for children normally choosing the cool challenge, please all use the 'Measuring Volume' sheet. Happy measuring today! Mrs L

RE Thurs 28.01. Explore the Christian Bible

Explore the Christian Bible and why it is important to Christians. Find out how to use and find bible references, Mrs L had a flashback and shares a tune that helped her remember the order of some of the books from the Old Testament. Enjoy! You'll need access to a bible if possible or use the look up website provided to help. Also a pencil, catch up book and print out of the look up bible stories activity sheet, or use the open doc or pause video. Time to have a look at children's bibles you may have at home and read some of the stories if you get a chance. Apologies for my laptop noise during the video, I think it has grand ambitions to be a small plane as it got ready to take off! Mrs L

History Weds 27. 01. Gods and Goddesses

Understand the beliefs of the ancient Greeks. Find out more about the gods and goddesses that the ancient Greeks believed in and the strange offerings they l...

Maths Wed 27. 01. Mass Word Problems Division

Solve mass word problems using division. Use bar models and number lines to work through some Ancient Greek word problems today. You'll need a pencil and rul...

English Wed 27. 01. Create Plan 13th Labour of Hercules

Create a story mountain plan for the 13th Labour of Hercules. Write notes to plan your own version of this Ancient Greek myth today. You can bring to life t...

English Tues 26. 01. Describe Settings

Explore and describe settings and events. You'll need a pencil, ruler, scissors, glue, catch up book and printed (if possible) settings activity sheet. You c...

PE - Tuesday - 26.01.21 - Aerobics 3

Develop strength, technique, control and balance. Enjoy your third PE lesson with Miss Squire today, she has included new moves. Make note of the exercises a...

Maths Tues 26. 01. Mass Multiplication or Division Problems

Solve mass word problems using multiplication and division. Today we are continuing to use bar models to help us solve word problems. You'll need a pencil, r...

Maths Mon 25. 01. Mass Word Problems

Solve mass word problems using addition/subtraction. You'll need a pencil, ruler, catch-up book, glue and either a printed question sheet or use the open doc...

English Mon 25. 01. Research Problems in a Myth

Research problems and resolutions in a myth. You'll need a pencil, glue and catch-up book, a copy of the Starter and Questions sheet (Cool version available ...

Science - Monday - 25.01.21 - Mirrors

Skill: Use mirrors to reflect light. Hello Year 3 and welcome to your third science lesson! I have finally got a different laptop so no more taking off and s...