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Week 4 (25 Jan)

Reading Book and Activities Links - Year 2

29.01.21 English - Draft a non chronological report - part 2.

In the lesson, we will complete our non-chronological report that we have been working on this week.

29.01.21 Maths - Identify odd and even numbers.

In this lesson we will use our knowledge of division to identify odd and even numbers.

29.01.21 Topic - PSHE - Choose a realistic goal and identify how to achieve it.

In this lesson we will start our PSHE lessons for this term by discussing our goals, unrealistic goals and steps to achieve future goals.

28.01.21 English - Write a non-chronological report.

Today we will begin to write our non-chronological report about kangaroos.

28.01.21 Maths - Multiplication and division word problems.

Today we are going to be solving multiplication and division word problems.

28.01.21 Topic - History - Thought bubble and paper aeroplane.

Today we are going to be making puppets to re-enact the first flight, writing a thought bubble and making and racing our own paper aeroplane.

27.01.21 English - Planning a non-chronological report.

Today you will be planning your report by grouping your facts about kangaroos.

27.01.21 Maths - Missing number problems

We will be solving missing number problems using the inverse.

27.01.21 Topic - Computing - Algorithms

Today you are going to be learning all about algorithms and creating your own instructions to direct someone to a place of your choice.

26.01.21 Maths - Fact Families

Today you are going to be creating multiplication and division fact families.

26.01.21 Topic- DT - Design a moving picture

Today you are going to learn about different types of mechanisms and you will design a moving picture including a variety of mechanisms.

26.01.21 English - Gather information for a non-chronological report

Today you will be gathering information about kangaroos that will help you write your non-chronological report later this week.

25.01.21 Maths - Explore the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.

Today we will explore the relationship between multiplication and division using our knowledge of the inverse.

25.01.21 English - Identify features of a non chronological report.

This week we will create our own non-chronological report so today we will look at their features.

25.01.21 Topic - Science - Identify the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival.

In this lesson we will explore the needs of animals including humans and create a healthy lunchbox.