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Dolce Schools Catering


We are a family run schools catering provider with a passion for delivering good healthy food with the best customer care.

We offer exciting new menus each term which are cooked fresh from raw ingredients and allow parents and pupils to pre-order from home, on the move or in the classroom.

We want you to know everything there is to know about our menus and provide an online ordering system so that you can choose at home with your child or on the way to school via your phone. You will have access to all our recipes, ingredients listings, nutritional breakdown, allergen and dietary information and even a diabetic feature showing the carb count of each dish at a glance.


Pre-ordering Meals & Payments

Dolce was the first caterer to innovate and introduce online pre-order and cashless payments to primary schools and is still the industry leader today.

The Benefits:

  • Your child gets the dish of their choice at the hotplate

  • Meal choices can be decided between parent and child from the comfort of your own home, or out and about.

  • The system allows allergen blocking and tells the cook which dishes your child cannot have

  • Religious and dietary requirements are shown to the cook (only) at the point of service.

No cash is required and you can ensure payments are as passive as you would like them to be by choosing either card top up or monthly Direct Debit collections.


Prices are £2.30 per day, payable weekly or termly in advance. 


For more information please visit the website:

To order or pay for school meals please use SchoolGrid. Details can be obtained from the school office.