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To us, the curriculum is more than just a set of objectives and topics. It should be a broad and varied diet of experiences, opportunities and discoveries. Every minute a child attends The Churchill School should be part of the curriculum. From exciting lessons to engaging lunchtime activities to enriching trips and clubs everything is designed to meet the specific needs of OUR children. We want the learning journey for a 'Churchill Child' to be unique and positive. A great place to see some of the varied and engaging activities we get up to here at The Churchill School is to look at our Facebook page which is embedded on the home page of this website.



As a whole school we constantly look at our community and accurately assess who we are and what we need to progress. From this simple but continuous process we plan and deliver a curriculum targeted to our unique and wonderful audience.



Our children learn in a skills focused way. A good way of explaining how this works is to use an example.

In an Art lesson the children will not be taught to draw a mountain. Instead they will be shown a new painting technique/skill and then encouraged to use this technique to produce their master piece. This has several benefits: more creative thinking, more variation of final product and more transferable skills which can help in other areas of the curriculum. 


What is Cornerstones Creative Curriculum?
The Cornerstones curriculum was created by real teachers. The topics support the needs of children, schools and the national curriculum. The unique Cornerstones approach centres on the belief that children learn better when their interests and fascinations are allowed to flourish, where they are encouraged to explore subjects in a variety of ways.
The approach is based on a four-stage teaching philosophy: Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express; the four 'cornerstones' of learning.


Although we have the Cornerstones package we always adjust and adapt the ideas to meet the needs of individuals, classes, teachers and always make sure that it fits in with our vision and values. The official word for this is to 'churchillfy' it!


*The Cornerstones topics are fully in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum and cross curricular learning is a key part of the planning process.


*RE continues to be taught using the new Kent agreed syllabus.