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Year 4

Year 4 - Topic Overview


Sapphire Class

Teacher: Mrs Anderton

TA: Mrs Clark

Blue Class

Teacher: Miss Batchelor

TA: Mrs Grace






Get ready for a whirlwind tour of the United States of America.

Visit New York and the sites.


Look forward to learning about the Native Americans, (the first inhabitants) of the USA and understanding their culture and some of their traditions.

Subjects covered in this topic.

Science - Construct operational simple series circuits using a range of components and switches for control and use these to make simple devices.
Sort and classify materials into those that are conductors and those that are insulators, identifying similarities within the groups.

Geography- Looking at feature of famous American landmarks.

Looking at how and where Native Americans lived, looking at the environment.

History- Looking at the brief outline of the history of USA. Know how significant historical figures contributed to national and international achievements, in a variety of eras.

Art & DT -Making native America models.

Music - Appreciate and listen to music drawn from different traditions, cultures and composers.



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Plunge in the depths of a new world below the ocean’s waves. Explore the amazing habitats and the creatures that live there.

Carry out in-depth research and create fact files to wow your readers.

Make an amazing underwater mobile. 

Subjects covered in this topic.

Science – Classification- prey, predators and producers.

Geography – Map work understanding significance of oceans, equator and the tropics.

Art & DT – Draw from close observation. Design  & use materials to develop an ideas on a theme and use these to create a 3D model.

Computing – Programming & Debugging.

History – research the role HMS Challenger had in ocean exploration


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Curriculum Overview

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