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                                 School Sports Premium

                             Impact Statement 2015/2016




Our amazing hockey players pictured taking a moment out of their busy tournament to reflect on a brilliant day of sports development and Josh Kennady (Professional Boxer) ding a workshop with our Year 6 pupils.


The Churchill School is a large two form entry school in Hawkinge with a short but rich history of sports achievement. Our primary goal has always been to provide opportunities for all children to enjoy sport, stay healthy and learn valuable skills which will help them develop physically and emotionally.


We received £9700 in government sports funding for the year 2015/2016. A large amount of this went to the Shepway Sports Trust (£3000) with a further £5473 going towards quality sports coaching.

Full Breakdown of Spending


Children Involved



Shepway Sports Trust

All Children: 420


Children are more active and have improved basic skills. Participation in sports (especially those which are new to the children) is very high.

Competing in numerous competitions has raised confidence of all children. Each child has been able to go off site to take part in activity days or competitions.

Premier Sports Coaching

KS1 and KS2   

Total Children: 360


Engagement in PE lessons is high.

Basic skills are being improved, knowledge of different sports and rules of major sports is good. Children are able to explain the structure of games with other children.

Staff knowledge and understanding of good practice has improved. PE lessons observed are now all good.

Teaching Assistant are better able to support PE lessons and have competent understanding of rules.

Herald Cup



Children worked hard in training and many children improved their behaviour as a result of wanting to represent the school.





Table Tennis

Balls and Playground Equipment


All Children


Lessons are better resourced and more children are able to participate in lessons and spend less time waiting for equipment to be available.

Behaviour at lunch and break has improved as a result of better play options. Vulnerable children are being involved in structured games with adults and play leaders.

Community Centre Rental



Links with Hawkinge Primary have improved and the children have felt pride in being able to showcase their work to a new audience.

Orienteering Trip



New skills for our Year 6 and improved transition to secondary as orienteering took place on site at a local secondary school.

District Sports



As a result of quality training, coaching and continuous opportunities for all children The Churchill School was successful in winning the district sports trophy.




Tennis/Skiiing – enabled clubs to beprovided.

CJS Dance Workshop



Dance engagement as risen with club and lesson participation remaining high and increasing in areas.





Shepway Sports Trust – Full Report



Children Involved


Cross Country









Infant Agility

Balance Ability


Athletics Indoor

Multi Skills

Play Leaders

Fun Day

35 Year 4/5/6

20 Year 4/5

15 Year 5/6

4 Year 4

120 Year 5/6

18 Year 4/5/6

12 Year 4/5/6

10 Year 5/6

30 Year 3

30 Year 1

60 Year 1

60 Year 4

30 Year 1 + 2

30 Year 1 + 2

24 Year 5

61 – EYFS



Primary PE and Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator


Actions to achieve


Evidence and impact

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles










Twice weekly engagement in PE lessons for all children (one session with class teacher OR swimming instructors/one with Premier Sports Coach or Miss Andrews (dedicated PE teacher).


Additional physical activities (whole-school/groups/class) offered throughout the academic year.







High participation rate in PE lessons; very few children sitting out of lessons (eg due to injury/illness) activity still provided for children who cannot fully engage eg scoring, evaluation of classmates’ performances.


Archery (health and activity day) for whole-school led to establishment of extra-curricular club, with high demand and interest from pupils across the key stages.


Visit from GB athlete (Serita Solomon) to inspire and encourage healthy life-styles and perseverance; sponsored event linked to the day included whole-school participation in a series of circuit activities.


Visit from famous swimmer Duncan Goodhew to do 1x assembly and running the golden mile with year 6.


Visit from Shepway Sports (James and Josh) to do 3 x assembly and workshop with Year 6 on BMX and Boxing respectively.

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement



Weekly recognition of sporting achievements of children, both within and out-side school


Visit from GB athlete


Get Set for Rio programme to allow individuals and groups of children to track and record their activity in the run up to Rio


Miss Andrews to train Year 5 pupils to be play-leaders for activities on the school field and playground breaks and lunchtimes

Increasing numbers of children achieving and sharing sporting achievements weekly e.g. rugby, trampolining, swimming, dance, football, golf, karate, netball, gymnastics, across the key stages


High level of interest from children when questioning Serita Solomon


To take place Term 5 and 6 2016




Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport





Teaching TA’s to regularly observe Elite sports coaches, to improve knowledge and confidence in teaching key skills and rules in PE and sport.


Work alongside coaches in delivering quality teaching


PE coordinator to run 3x staff meetings learning new skills




Staff have regularly attended and observed Elite coaches and learnt key skills; next steps to integrate into PE lessons delivered by class teachers


NS: Work alongside coaches sessions to improve quality and delivery of PE and sport skills


Inset attended and delivered to teaching staff only; teachers reported increased confidence in their own ability to teach progression and differentiation.


NS: Class teachers and coordinator to track impact on pupils over next academic year


Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils



Wider range of extra-curricular clubs to be offered


Wider range of sporting activities offered in coaching sessions; less emphasis on a small range of traditional sports.


Adapt programme to meet needs of specific cohorts of children and to make full use of resources/spaces available.

Major clubs accounted for: cricket, hockey, netball,


PE coordinator liaising with coaches to establish a more varied range of activities to try and suit the interests of a wider range of pupils eg netball and basketball skills, football, hockey, rugby, athletics, games, cricket, gym, curling


Increased participation in competitive sport



Increase number of inter-school sports fixtures; historically, football has been the main focus


Work with cooperative trust schools to set up friendly matches


Introduce more intra-school activity

Children have opportunities to practise skills in small group competitions within their lessons


Have set up links with Hawkinge Primary; children have already participated in a netball tournament, cricket tournament, dance and a multi skills day for KS1 and EYFS.





  • PE teacher to undergo Schools Direct training.
  • Premier Sports to coach Year 2, 3, 4, and 6 1x Weekly
  • Continue to participate in a range of sports and include every child
  • Make sure that as many children as possible are selected to represent the school