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School Performance

A Summary of Data from the Academic Year 2017/18


The school continues to drive standards forward! Fresh techniques and leaders at all levels are embedding their vision which is now visible in the data and  is reflecting the positive impact this is having on our children.




  • Huge gains in KS2 progress.
  • Writing by the end of KS2 is outstanding.
  • Children reaching a good level of development is significantly up.
  • Massive increase in children reaching Greater Depth in R, W and M combined.
  • Reduction in gap between SPAG scores and writing.


A Summary of Data from the Academic Year 2016/17


As a result of a continued drive to achieve The Churchill School data for the academic 2016/17 is something we should all be extremely proud of.




  • Huge increase in KS2 combined %.
  • Large increase in % reaching greater depth at the end of KS2.
  • Writing across the school is up.
  • All KS2 progress measures above 0.



A Summary of Data from the Academic Year 2015/16


As a result of hardworking children, consistently good teaching and positive strategic decisions from the Senior Leadership Team, The Churchill School has another set of results to be proud of.




  • KS1 and KS2 data is not comparable to last year.
  • All data above national averages.
  • Phonics screening data continues to increase.
  • School performs well under new assessment systems.