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In 2010 the Churchill School was awarded the Intermediate International Award and subsequently the school was awarded the Full International Schools Award, which is valid from 2012 to 2015! One of our aims is to develop a sustainable, global school which enables all children, from a variety of backgrounds, to work together on a local, national and international dimension. Children's awareness of poverty, contrasting lifestyles and different cultures around the world have been an important part of their learning.


Children have experienced what it is like to be a child in a rural Southern Indian village, through the re-enactment of a school day with artefacts and food tasting during an Action Aid visit. Children have learnt about the contrasting landscapes, culture and lifestyle of children and families living in Africa, through School Connect, and our link school in Northern Uganda. Our younger children were inspired by our Australian visitors who were able to give a greater insight to life in Oz. We have also developed links with schools in France and Canada, and are currently establishing a school link with Nepal.


We have welcomed a variety of visitors whose talks have engaged the children in a variety of global, national and local issues: the World Wildlife Fund, Water Aid, Action Aid, Schools Connect, the adventurer Robert Lilwall who walked from Mongolia to Hong Kong and the Ghurkha regiment who put on a 'fun' activity day for the whole school.


All of our celebrations and cross curricular activities have helped to create a stronger global vision amongst our children. According to the Primary Review Community Soundings, many children feel pessimistic about the world in which they are growing up, as they are constantly bombarded with bad news;

the report concludes that ‘pessimism turned to hope when people felt they had the power to act' and that where schools had started engaging children with global and local realities as aspects of their education they were notably more upbeat'.


The Churchill Schools views its international policy as an ongoing and developing venture; the projects undertaken this year have allowed the children to critically view the world and make connections between people and places; it has not given answers to the children but allowed them to creatively come to their own conclusions about global issues and issues within their own community, which will ultimately enable them to understand their rights and responsibilities as global citizens.

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